It’s snowing!

I wish I could just sit back and appreciate the beauty of it, but George is out driving around in it and I worry.

Oh, not about HIM making some stupid mistake…he learned how to drive the same as I did…in the school’s parking lot covered in snow and ice. So, him?  yea, I don’t worry about HIS driving.  It’s all these people who have no clue that snow, ice or rain on a road means “if you have any brains you shall slow down”.  IT’S THOSE people I worry about.

George is once again “putting out fires” at work.  He’s a nurse, not a fireman!  Yet, for some reason all the nurses at the local nursing home “forget” that they can not order medications on the weekend, and their lack of preparation becomes a massive forest fire in their brains!

So, instead of being able to spend time with a hospice patient that is all alone, he has to run around town and attempt to get some poor person to open a pharmacy after hours.  Instead of holding a dying man’s hand and praying with him, he has to drive on snowy roads.  Instead of being able to hug a grieving son or daughter, he has to go provide supplies to some nursing home administrator that should have done their blasted job!

George never complains about the moronic paraprofessionals and professionals he comes into contact with……..but I see in his face and hear in his voice how little respect he has for those who fail to prepare.  You’d think they would remember that Saturday and Sunday come once a week.

I’ve worked in nursing homes.  I know how frustrating it can be.  I also know that the nurses who cared always went through the medications cabinets before Thursday afternoon and ordered anything they would need before the weekend…they KNEW the pharmacies were closed after 5 pm on weekdays and after 1 pm of Saturdays.  And they danged well knew NO pharmacies were open on Sundays.  They prepared!

So once again, because the people in charge failed to do their jobs, George is out to drive a pharmacist to the pharmacy so a prescription can be filled.

I never knew that hospice nurses needed to be limo drivers, but there it is….

10 thoughts on “It’s snowing!

  1. Ughh! Same here with Chéri… well, not the trying to get medicine, but you know, the worrying about all the crazy people who forget that we’re not enjoying Summer anymore… I mean, we have snowbanks high enough to… well.. hmmm very high snowbanks! That means Winter guys!! Slow down for dang’s sake!

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  2. He sounds like alovely person to be doing all this positive helpful work. It is too bad the folks behind the scenes are not better preapred so that the resources, including him, would all be best used.

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  3. oh, I hope he will be ok? does he work late tonight? x

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    1. until Monday at 7 am…he has the entire weekend to cover.

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      1. Well daughter some long hours, he’ll need a lot of rest when he’s done 😊💜

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  4. Wait, you’re getting snow? THAT much snow? We got nuttin’ here just south of OKC. I feel bad for George. I hope he got warmed up quick when he got home.
    I don’t know why but somehow I lost the follow for your blog. I’ve re-followed…unless you deleted me. If so you can delete me again and I’ll go kick the can down the road. :/

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    1. silly girl. I killed my blog which sort of deleted all my followers. I had this WP backup plan and am slowly finding people again. Yes, we are getting snow. it isn’t bad..just constant. it seems to be sticking only to the grass and trees, and the roads are just slushy and icy. Quite annoying when George has to drive all over creation for his patients. he drives all over Enid, then south as far as Hennessy, east as far as Perry, North in southern Kansas and west as far as Woodward. Glad you are back again, sweetie…and so far, George is doing okay. COLD, but okay.

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