Sam talks about racial equality

I spent some time with Sam, the five year old next door, for a few hours this afternoon.  Sam is a precocious young man of firm convictions…and his big sister got him started on a rant about civil rights.

Braalie: “Sam! You can’t color a person blue! People are pink, or white, or a sort of brown.”

Sam: “I can too”

Braalie:  “no, Sam, do it right. You can’t just change the color of people. if you want to color with the blue crayon do the sky or something”

Sam: “People can be blue. Evlis Parsley said so. it’s on gramppops tape player!”

Braalie: “That isn’t what that means.”

Sam: “People can be any color they want. Even green! Except maybe Martins are green. I bet they carry ray guns too if they want. They’d zap you for saying they can’t be blue”

Braalie: “Granma Suze, will you talk to him please? he drives me crazy”

Suze:  “So, Sam…tell me about the colors of people.  Okay?”

Sam: “well, people can be whatever they wanna be. if they want to be blue they can be blue.  I saw a lady with blue hair. And you had pink and purble hair, and it was pretty. I wanna be black when I grow up.”

Suze: “Black? um, Sam. We can’t just change our color honey.”

Sam: “why not? we all have red blood, and we all have white teeth, and we all wear blue jeans. We’re all the same already”.

I had absolutely no comeback for that. He was absolutely correct. We’re all the same already.


21 thoughts on “Sam talks about racial equality

  1. (“insist”, Suze… we don’t want the big black hole sucking the Bloggosphere from within!!) (don’t complain because I do – insist – It is just my job… YOU put me almost in charge of all this!!)

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    1. lol………..Sam is a black hole preventer………

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      1. Oh dang yeah!! 🙂

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  2. I just love his honesty. It’s what he believes, and he’s not afraid to share. I hope he’s able to be express himself this openly well into old age. His thoughts may change here and there on a few points, but I hope his sense of whimsy stays just the same. Very cute!!!

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  3. Yep. He’s right. Can a 5 year old run for president? He’d get my vote.

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    1. i wish he could. Sam wants to be a “fireman/nurse” or “an astronaut that goes into the ocean”…..

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      1. An astronaut that goes into the ocean? Me too!!! 😃

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      2. sounds like an amazing job, doesn’t it? lol

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      3. Hell yeah, it does! 😃

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      4. Fireman and nurse, I like that!

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      5. he loves his grandpa George……and wants to be a nurse. BUT, he doesn’t want to change diapers or give shots…unless HE gets a sucker for doing so! lol

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      6. That’s fair!

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  4. what a cutie! and so wise beyond his years too! ❤

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  5. Reblogged this on Therapy Bits and commented:
    We should all take a leaf out of little sams book!

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  6. “except ye be as little children…”

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  7. Innocent thoughts. I wish to be a part of his world.

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