phrases I hate…. (rated R for language)

But, whenever I hear them I have an almost uncontrollable desire to slap someone silly.  So, it is possibly in your best interest, should we ever meet in real life (as opposed to the imaginary world of cyberspace) it would behoove you to prevent them from floating out of your mouth.

I can not abide redundancies…..for example. “exact same”.  um, excuse me but exact and same are synonyms…do NOT put them together in a sentence.  This is where an adverb would be used.  EXACTLY the same………..see the difference?

I really do not like being the grammar police….it was thrust upon me during a summer substitute teaching job….I accepted the danged job as a temp gig and the stupid grammar police designation just stuck. NOW, it drives me crazy to hear (or read) some of the things people write or say.

It drives me a little crazy to see the phrase “keep calm and” placed with another phrase that has nothing to do with remaining calm. 

what the hell is that anyway? It means absolutely NOTHING!

And the words “cray-cray” ……just say CRAZY! Do you have any idea how much of a moron you sound saying “cray-cray”? it isn’t cute…it is moronic.

The one that always annoyed me the most is “Boys will be boys”…sort of a stupid excuse for bad behavior.

No they won’t just be boys! Teach those horrid little brats to behave themselves instead of giving them permission because they own a penis!

And why do people always seem to use the word “honestly” right before they lie to you?

Do they think YOU think they are lying every time they fail to use the word Honestly? No? Then why say it? Use “Frankly” or “Bob-ly” for all I care, just stop saying “honestly!”

“Whatever”……that is not a sentence. It is a word. It is said to denote you don’t give a damn about whatever the subject is, but you have no idea how to constructively state that you don’t.  What a moronic thing to say. It makes you look like a total idiot.

“It’s all about me”…ummmmm, no. No it isn’t. NOTHING is all about anyone you selfish cretin.

George just wandered in and said “the room is steaming”….which an annoying phrase for “stop bitching, Suze”.

I just want to slap him now.


13 thoughts on “phrases I hate…. (rated R for language)

  1. It happens. I say that I want to kick someone in the leg but then I don’t, it being assault and all.

    Uhoh: I feel a rant coming on, about peripheral subjects. You can skip this if you’d like.

    This stuff all drives me crazy too, but I just stop speaking with people who ‘jargon’ me. I get grossed out by jargon like ‘pairing’–everything has to be a pairing with some lame wine or food these days. And CURATED means that you have a collection of things that should be in a museum so an actual curator can look after them–the word’s origin means ‘one who cares for’. Other than that, don’t tell me about your ‘curated’ dinner or ‘curated’ advertising or ‘curated’ crap on sale.

    We ran into those two dreadful sad girls today downtown in a new age shop, one wearing an aggressive shirt with a giant cross on it with some phrase about christ or god. The person next to me asked about my Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheel, and I mentioned that it gave out non-denominational blessings. The dreadful young person said that ‘non-denominational’ meant their brand of christianity only and nothing else in the world, so I was wrong to say that word at the same time as I ‘praised demons’, since that is the only thing other than their brand of exclusionary christian stuff. The person next to me, a torah scholar, asked them pleasantly in Hebrew if they spoke Hebrew, and they didn’t, so he said how could they know what the heck the scripture they told us all to read meant if they couldn’t even read it in the original. I digress. But that made me sad, that these poor young people, one of whom seemed a bit impaired, had been filled with miseducation by someone, to the point that they didn’t even know the meaning of the words they were so attached to. They lso mumbled something about ‘intangible’ which to them also meant something in aggressive opposition to christ. Huh. In the old days it meant ‘not able to be touched’, but what would I know?

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  2. Oh dear Suze! Keep calm… That’s it, just keep calm! 😉 Muaaah!

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  3. I share your pain, Suze especially when it comes to business speak. ‘Going forward’, ‘Outside the box’, ‘blue sky thinking’, ‘reach out’, ‘low hanging fruit’, ‘Thought leader’… the list goes on but I’ll stop here. Else I’ll just depress myself.

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  4. Boys will be boys annoys me too!!! Don’t worry it’s not just you (I also think it’s hilarious that we didn’t even talk and have published new posts both ranting about stuff😂)

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    1. okay, that is just too funny! Are we mind melded somehow? scary thought.

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  5. Whatever. Lol! Just kidding with you in cyberspace. Glad I am not close enough for a smack. Because if I was, I’d deserve it. I enjoyed this post immensely. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. you are SO lucky you are far out of reach! lol

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    1. so glad to assist kind sir. lol


  6. Run, George, run! Suze is going cray-cray. Honestly, I think she is. But, whatever! Boys will be boys and girls , well you know, the hormones are absolutely bonkers. Bye, bye.

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  7. Glad to see that George for back safely from his snowy drive. Maybe that’s why he thinks you’re steaming!

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