sprekin do what?

conjure  (from conjurare [con*jur*are*a] latin..meaning to band together from an oath; conspire)

Yes, I am that girl..the one that took Latin thinking it would be easier as it isn’t spoken……..Ms. Wright proved that was a fallacy on day one in high school. For a “written language” we sure did have to read a LOT of it out loud!

I endured Latin classes for six years…six LONG years.  Four in high school and two in college.  Yes, I can read it still…and yes, I can blurt out English word meanings.  It is a gift! (yes, cue rolling eyes right there)

On the other hand, I can not, with even a modicum of skill, speak Spanish, French, German or Russian…and I have tried. 

I can read a bit of Greek…thanks so much college classes, but I couldn’t carry on a conversation with anyone that speaks it.

This is what happens when a person has a “classical education”.

I can quote poetry from long dead poets, spout Shakespearean quotes…even emote Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address without missing a beat.

But I can’t ask “where’s the bathroom” in any language other than my own.

I would be a wonderful Jeopardy contestant and crash soundly if on Let’s Make A Deal.


6 thoughts on “sprekin do what?

  1. I always wanted to learn Spanish since we lived in TX for so long. My grandkids learned sign language and still use it
    My fingers don’t cooperate that well!

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    1. I know a little bit of sign. It is useful when no one else around knows it. I always end up interpreting rather badly at the local clinic…….sigh

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  2. Nice to read your post. Greetings!

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  3. Bathroom enga irikku? In Tamil!

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  4. I took six years of German, and quite a bit of it has stuck. What I find interesting is that my students think my German knowledge translates to me knowing Spanish. I know zero Spanish.

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    1. you’d think after knowing and listening to George for over 50 years I would understand some of it….and yet. here we are. I think I know when he says he loves me…..but possibly not. sigh

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