Lectures I never wanted to hear


I heard them from my Mother…my grandmother…my great-Aunts…..my teachers, my pastors…….my girl scout leader! For Pete’s sake, just how many times did I have to listen to those lectures?

“Young ladies do this, they do that…the NEVER do those!”

WHY not?  Why do we have to act a certain way? Why can’t we do that? whatever that was?

Why do we have to be serious?  Why don’t we get to climb trees? Play baseball or football?  Why CAN’T we do the things everyone was encouraging the boys to do?

Why can’t we fight?

Why can’t we do math? I am GOOD at math! Being a girl has nothing to do with it…………

Who made these stupid rules anyway?

I once asked my mother who exactly made up these dumb rules and she replied “Emily Post”.  Well, I didn’t KNOW any people named Post and thought it was outrageous that she was making up all these stupid rules.

Wearing white after Labor Day is WRONG! Not wearing a slip under your skirt or dress is WRONG. White socks with saddle shoes only! And the cuffs have to be turned down. WHY? What the heck was wrong with wearing shoes without socks?

Why don’t boys take Home Economics? Why don’t girls take Shop? Why do I have to learn how to cook when what I really want is to play with the ARC Welder????

Why don’t girls sue the school board so they can take shop? Yea, I sued them….and I won.  And I was an outcast for the rest of my high school years……..I didn’t really care.

I understand the need for certain rules………of course I do. I just think the vast majority of societal rules need to be ignored or eliminated.

I’ll wear white whenever I damned well feel like it…I’ll use an ARC welder whenever I need to…I’ll repair my own car or truck, thank you very much, and I don’t give a damn if I shock the heck out of the neighbors!

I’ll paint my house bright colors if I feel like it, and even paint the wooden fence surrounding the yard..I am thinking either bright coral or purple if truth be told…and if the neighbors all whisper behind the hands when I wander by…so much the better.

Lecture me?  I won’t listen. I’ll more than likely reply “you don’t get to decide what i do with my life and property.  Unless it hurts someone I shall do whatever I please”.

And if you are not VERY careful, I will lecture YOU about minding your own business!


20 thoughts on “Lectures I never wanted to hear

  1. Yeah, man! Right on!!! 😃👍🏻

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  2. We were all girls in the fam so we did all those things. One of favorite things to do was help my dad with mechanical chores. But in high school I was just getting along, trying to fit in somehow. There was only one time I rebelled. Two black girls were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, no one would eat with them, so I went over and made friends.

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  3. And thats why i like you Suze!!!!
    I believe in every word you said, there is nothing and I mean nothing a woman can’t do what a man does… I am a very handy woman also my husband isn’t… the man can’t hang a picture on the wall to save his life looooool I am my daddy’s girl I watched him do everything and learned from him a lot, and i taught my daughter and my granddaughter the same!

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  4. oooooops. do you see me as a lecturer?

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    1. nope………why, do you have a lecture planned I should know about? HUMMMMMMMMMM????

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      1. No, but I can work on it. Have you done anything lately that deserves a lecture?

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      2. no..of course not, who me? why would I need a lecture/ you are obviously thinking of someone else…..phew! that was close!

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  5. Your post reminded me of this song.

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    1. thank you! I loved that song!

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    2. Or, since you’re a she, this version.

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      1. I like the other on better…..

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  6. I am starting to feel like my life is becoming too conformist and a huge need for change . . when we lived in the camper and on the sailboat we were doing our own thing and I was more at peace

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    1. i’m all for living in a camper!

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      1. Yeah, beginning to look for ways to get into something similar again.

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  7. liberty and anarchy are the only way to travel

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    1. not liking the anarchy idea too much….liberty is good.

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      1. anarchy if a safe place if you can create a society of live and let live… I know its a long shot

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      2. then it can’t be a true anarchy because there is one rule…………….lol

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  8. I was always told that boys have to do sports and baring in mind I have a level of dexterity for rugby that is equal to that someone who has been blinded with their hands tied behind their back, it wasn’t really a good idea to try and get me to do sports 😂

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