Music according to Sam

Sam has very definite ideas about the world he lives in (for a five year old in any event). He was lecturing his older sister about the music she listens to this morning.  Now Braalie had school to attend and she hates being late, so she wasn’t in the mood to really listen to her “baby brother’ about his views on her taste.

Sam was just a bit disgruntled that she failed to listen to him and had this to say:

“Gramma Suze, Why do grils listen to stupid music? Why don’t they like the good musics like boys do?”

Well, since I am a “gril” I obviously don’t know about “boy’s music” and asked Sam what exactly he was talking about……

It turns out that “grils like Justin Timberslate and he is icky”.   I asked “do you mean Justin Timberlake?  and he waved me off and said “whatever, he stinks”.

So, of course, I had to ask him what music HE liked (Sam, not Mr Timberlake) and I was regaled with the glories of Disney songs…most specifically those from “Frozen”.

Now, I have to admit I have not seen Frozen, nor do I know any of the songs. Sam was very happy to share with me, and I was oh so thrilled (cue rolling eyes!) to hear them numerous times while Sam sang off-key, off-rhythm and with the wrong words..

I escaped after hearing it for the 53rd time…………you are lucky I adore my readers…you don’t even have to click on that video.  Oh you can if you want to…but after hearing that song so many times I would advise against listening.

6 thoughts on “Music according to Sam

  1. Justin Timberslate does stink and is icky–can’t argue with him there.

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  2. I am still not quite sure what the man sings…not sure I want to though.


    1. I am completely sick of it………….lol

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  3. I can’t believe you’ve never heard that song, in fact I’m more than a little bit jealous that you’ve never heard that song – it drives me mad! Almost as bad as the Wombles…

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    1. i listen to the public radio stations…PBS and NPR.

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