It’s far past time for things to change.

It’s far past time for things to change. It’s also far past time for people to think, and recognize exactly what is occurring within the country.

The Republican agenda is to take us backwards into the 1950’s when it was the law of the land that Negroes, Mexicans, et al brown skinned people were second class citizens.  They want women back in their kitchens…and bedrooms. They want Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, et al Non-Christians in SOME OTHER country…not THIS one.

They want their companies to have zero regulations..the Hell with the environment.  Their bottom line is their bottom line financially.

They do NOT want rational gun control even though 90% of the American people, INCLUDING GUN OWNERS want rational gun control.

They do NOT want the Dreamers to be in this country, they want to DEPORT them…or at the very minimum have the option to do so. They certainly do NOT want the Dreamer’s to have a means towards becoming citizens even though 75-80% of Americans WANT them to stay.

THEY do NOT CARE about the children that were murdered on Valentine’s Day. They do NOT CARE about the children who were murdered at Sandy Hook, or Columbine, or anywhere else in the country. They care about their financial bottom line.

They will scream “The Second Amendment”!…and be lying! They KNOW…They absolutely KNOW that military styled long rifles are NOT protected by the second amendment. Rifles are. Hand guns are. NO ONE is coming for those, nor can they EVER come for those.  Ronald Reagan and Antonin Scalia MADE ABSOLUTELY SURE that Military styled guns are NOT protected.  Reagan with HIS gun control with a ban on assault rifles…and Scalia with his vote in the Supreme Court that said ONLY the Military should have or use assault weapons such as an M16 or an AK47.  BOTH lifetime members of the NRA.

The people in control of our country are businesses.  The NRA, the largest donor to far right and middle of the road senators and congressmen is in control.

We no longer control our futures. Businesses do. Russia might…okay, most rational people would say Russia does, I am an optimist. The people in our Executive office were placed there to deconstruct the agencies. The people in our Senate and congress are there to line their own pockets and deconstruct any and all regulations that protect the poor, the disadvantaged and disabled.

How many people are aware that on Tuesday, very quietly, the House of Representatives disabled the ADA. They took away the protections given to blind people…deaf people…people with disabling conditions..the wheelchair bound. The had the disabled protesters arrested and hauled away. Then they voted to throw those people under the bus of disinterest.

Ryan said “it isn’t time to be political about guns” it is time to work on mental health issues.  THE VERY MAN who helped destroy the law that said people with mental health issues COULD NOT BUY AN ASSAULT-style weapon! Senator McConnell said “My heart goes out to those families, and this isn’t the time to think about politics” and he pushed through the bill that ALLOWS MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE TO PURCHASE ASSAULT-STYLE WEAPONS’. The President who said he was praying for people and it’s time to deal with mental health issues SIGNED THE LAW THAT ALLOWS THE MENTALLY ILL TO BUY AN ASSAULT WEAPON!

Every single person who screamed “second amendment” or voted for the republican representatives and congressmen is complicit in the shootings occurring in this country. You are the ones with blood on your hands. You are the ones that allowed children, teachers, the innocent to be shot down like animals.

This is NOT an issue about mental health.  This is a GUN issue.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. You nailed it, Suze. Unfortunately, nothing will come of this. The NRA owns Congress and bought the White House.

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    1. i know. we seriously need to push voting now. our only chance to NOT be a satellite country is to take back the Senate and House.

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  2. Amen! A-fucking-men. It is time for a revolt. It is time to remove these clueless, greedy, heartless bastards from their perches. VOTE THEM OUT!!! All of these morons would be singing a different tune if it were their kids killed, their kids who needed the accommodations provided by the ADA. These people are criminals and I agree. Anyone who supports these cretons is complicit in their criminal behavior. Wake up people! They don’t care about you. Any of you. Unless you donate to their re-election funds. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

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  3. “This is NOT an issue about mental health. This is a GUN issue.”

    Amen to that !

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  4. I totally agree, Suze.

    At least 17 people lost their lives on Valentine’s Day, and the most that those aligned with the gun lobby can say is, “Thoughts and Prayers.” Such an empty sentiment has been expressed so often that it’s predictable.

    Most of the lawmakers who received money (and millions of dollars at that) are Republicans. Sen. John McCain leads the way with over $7 million lifetime. Of course, there are Democrats, like Sen. Joe Manchin, who are also on the list.

    This is delicate subject, but it’s time that the United States had reasonable gun reform. Unfortunately, like you said, it’s being blocked by the NRA, which has grown too powerful. This is the same group that pushed for Congress to preempt state gun control laws. And I can’t stand Wayne LaPierre, who has the nerve to slither into the conversation whenever a mass shooting happens.

    The NRA is just another example of how the United States is really an oligarchy. The wealthy and large corporations are writing our laws, destroying our democracy, and pushing tools and puppets like Ajit Pai to undermine our agencies, violate due process, and ignore the will of the people.

    In the process, innocent people are being hurt. These people who are hurting others are going after the children, the sick, the disabled, people of color, LGBT people, immigrants (regardless of their legal status), naturalized citizens, non-Christians, those who disagree with those in power, etc. These corporatists are craven and they’re doing every little thing to go after the most vulnerable. I’ve never seen this government be so mean and heartless in my lifetime.

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  5. Suze, listening to Anderson Cooper interview a few of the students, the sentiment is very clear. “You, adult America, have failed us.”

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    1. and we have failed them. Through our “I’m not voting at all cause I don’t like them” attitudes to refusing to vote for a woman…to allowing Russians, Chinese, whomever, lead us astray with online bullshit. Push the vote..each and every election from city to county to COUNTRY.

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  6. As long as the NRA give huge amounts of money to buy their own politicians — and they aren’t just Republicans, either — nothing will change. I wish I was wrong and I will be thrilled to pieces should I discover that something is going to change. I have watched for a lifetime of murders and slaughters and seen Democrats and Republicans all act like you just can’t touch guns because, you know, second amendment whereas the real truth is that the NRA gives them MILLIONS of dollars to run their campaigns. They don’t care about guns, but they really care about money.

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