A small frame loom I ordered online finally appeared today in the mail!

I have been wanting to try to weave something (anything really) ever since reading a post written by Weird Weekends.  He writes about his adventurous weekend projects such as weaving human hair…unraveling silkworm cocoons…the franken-sweater. Go check him out. he really seems to be a nice guy under all the insanity.

In any event, the loom arrived…….just the loom and it’s weird little accessories.

And I have zero idea how to get started. Yep…no idea…and no instructions! So..I started to unwrap it thinking I could figure it out.



Here it is unwrapped………………

And I have no clue. None.  So, I am off to Mr. Wierd Weekends to see if he ever posted a “how to” post on setting up a loom! Wish me luck. If he doesn’t have anything I guess it will be you-tube or the local library for me.


11 thoughts on “MY LOOM FINALLY APPEARED!!!!!!!

  1. Hmm. Good luck. I am not a help in this case.


    1. well then, dag nab it donna! that wasn’t any help at all! brat!. (lol)

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      1. Oh well. Honesty is its own reward in this case, but does not offer anything else. Sorry!

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      2. it made me laugh..that was good enough.

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  2. youtube has some great videos! how to tutorials! enjoy! ❤

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  3. Good luck with it! 🙂

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  4. I am so excited for you!!! this looks like a great one and you have a heddle bar which will help tons when weaving!!
    just remember to pull the string too tight and you weave in and out.

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    1. what the heck is a heddle bar and where does it go? HELP!!!!!

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      1. OHHHHHH, is the headle the slot thingy that is deperate from all the frame thingy? I figured out what the little slot thingys are for…wrapping thread around so I can stick em through the warp…….it IS a warp first right? HELP! Crap, I just realized I am answering my own remarks instead of writing on weird weekends page. well crap.

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      2. I honestly wished I was there to help. It isn’t as complicated as it seems but I am struggling to write “good” instructions. The first part is putting the warp on the loom… this is the thread that winds back and forth on the loom (top to bottom). This should be tight and a strong thread. You notice you have two Shuttles…. flat pieces with U(s) on the ends. This is for your weft strings (strings that weave over and under). You wrap the weft string around these and they help you move the thread back and forth. Each back and forth you change whether you go over or under the warp thread. To do this you need to lift up every other thread… you have one shed stick… this will help you lift up every other thread (you weave it over and then under every thread and turn it sideways… it pushes some down and others up). You don’t have to use the “shed stick” and you will find that it becomes annoying to weave it under and over threads… It will come in handy if you do complex patterns but if you are just doing basic weaving the Heddle bar makes things much easier

        The heddle bar is the one that has all the grooves. When you warp the loop you can put each warp thread in the corresponding groove on the heddle. When you rotate the bar it will put every other one up while pushing the other strings down. You rotate it the other way and it pushes the opposite threads up and down…

        I worry I am confusing you (I suck at explaining)… so here are some videos.

        Here is a video of “warping”… She speaks like my wife.

        Here is a video of using your heddle (I was going to make one of these they save a lot of time)

        Last… don’t pull the weft thread tight as you move it back and forth… keep it very loose. Other wise it pulls the warp threads in and will be horrible.

        I write about this… as well as my home made heddle … Please review Improvement 4… (looser weft)

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      3. WHAOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That made absolute sense! (the videos helped a lot). The loom is warped..uh, that sounded wrong but I think you know what i mean. The heddle is in the middle and the threads are on it so one goes down and one up..that made no sense either, but I know you know what i mean here……and I now have three whole lines of thread going where they belong! oh wow…this is kind of fun! It just occurred to me I should be taking pictures for the blog! dang it. Gonna take out my three little woven weaves and start over with pictures! YEA! Thanks sweetie!

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