McGuffy’s Reader friendly fillins

I like doing these small challenges…when I can remember to do them! Check out McGuffy’s reader for more fill-ins!

  1. My Chinese zodiac animal sign is __________________.
  2. My zodiac sign is ___________________.
  3. Income tax season ___________________.
  4. In hindsight, _______________________.


My Chinese zodiac animal sign is…heck if I know. never knew the Chinese had their own. Lemme check! (cue Jeopardy music)  The Horse. I was born in the year of the horse…crazy. I love horses! OHHH, I LIKE th personality trait blurb on the website….”People born under the sign of the Horse are some of the most favored members of society; and though they don’t often aspire to greatness they tend to achieve a manner of it through the compliments and adoration of their friends.”  yea, that’s me….

My zodiac sign is Leo..the lion. Another fire sign….humm, maybe there is something to this stuff after all.

Income tax season is no big deal. I have done our taxes (and all our friends taxes) since 1972.

In hindsight, I should have saved the money I spent taking my little sis to Israel, Egypt and Ukraine.  I could have gone on at least four more trips.

6 thoughts on “McGuffy’s Reader friendly fillins

  1. 1. My Chinese zodiac animal sign is the abdominal snowman?
    2. My zodiac sign is the unicorn?
    3. Income tax season sucks!
    4. In hindsight, I should have increased my tax withholdings.

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    1. abdominal snowman???? ROFL

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  2. I just took a gander at my sign in the Chinese zodiac, I’m a dog! And then I scrolled down after it said this is the year of the dog which isn’t a good sign for me. Further down I had to laugh at the financial graph which so far is spot on!😂🤣

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  3. Oh and it’s also a fire dog sign, but so is Bill Clinton, George Bush and Trump…OMG

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    1. I am SO sorry! I’d hate to be stuck in that particular grouping!


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