compromise is a dirty word

Back in the dark ages (the 1950’s) people compromised all the time.  The Senate and Congress all tried to work together to establish fair laws. One side would give a little in order to gain most of their objectives, and the other side did the same.

What the heck happened?

No one seems capable of compromising anymore.

The gun nuts scream 2nd amendment and refuse to even consider rational discussions to find a path to change.

The religious right screams “persecution” when everyone refuses to believe exactly what they do.

The far left screams equality when what they really want is equity.

What ever happened to meeting in the middle?

It seems that compromise has become a dirty word.

It’s honestly too depressing to think about today.



8 thoughts on “compromise is a dirty word

  1. self interest has become more important than civil responsibility

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  2. You and I seem to be on the same page today. My “compromise”post covered similar ground.

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    1. wowzer…great minds? or serendipity? lol

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  3. Really, what did happen? What changed Congress to what it is today? I remember the days when Congress would sit integrated and actually speak to one another.

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    1. the tea party happened. They are the far right “you can’t trust the government, let’s change it” politicians.

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  4. The crave for power and money has robbed them of their sense of morality and respect for human life.,

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  5. Hi. Compromise happened back when both parties had liberal and conservative sides.

    For example, the Republicans had members like Nelson Rockefeller, Jacob Javits, and Everett Dirkson. The Democrats had the whole South before civil rights.

    Then polarization happened. Democracy is not designed to work in a polarized country. Another polarized time: just before the Civil War.

    My two cents, but some say my opinions are compromised.


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