How many more must we lose?

This is an AR 15.

It shoots either a .223 Remington cartridge or a  5.56×45mm NATO cartridge. The bullet’s speed is 993 meters per second. It is an excellent Military use weapon as it can be either full or semi-automatic…and it fires in semi-auto mode as quickly as it is possible to pull the trigger. It is self-loading which makes it faster to shoot as well. It can hold a magazine for up to 30 cartridges. It is designed to kill humans as quickly as possible. It is designed to kill as many humans as possible in that short period of time.

It is “fun” to shoot.  There is little recoil, which makes it more attractive to people who shoot.

This is an M1 Garand rifle.

The Garand shoots a .30-06 Springfield cartridge or 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge. The speed of the cartridge is 833 meters per second. The Garand has been used by the Military since it was first developed in 1931.  It fires both auto and semi-auto. It can hold a magazine for up to 20 cartridges.

There is recoil when shooting. It is also considered “fun” to shoot.


This is a 12 gauge shot gun.  

This is a Remington pump action 12 gauge shotgun.  “pump action” refers to how the gun is loaded with it’s cartridges.  A sliding forearm handle (the pump) works the action, extracting the spent shell and inserting a new one while cocking the hammer or striker as the pump is worked. There is nothing even close to automatic with this gun.  Winchester and Browning manufacture a semi-auto shotgun. The recoil is described as being similar to being hit in the shoulder with a brick.  It is a typical hunting rifle.

I don’t pretend to have an answer to the horrible massacres of humans in this country. I believe in the Constitution, and in its second amendment. I believe each citizen has a right to protect themselves and their families. How they choose to do so is mostly up to them. I said mostly and I mean that.

We already have restrictions on gun ownership.  You have to be a certain age. You can not be a felon. You can not be a clear and present danger to yourself or others in some states. You may have to register weapons in some states, or have a “cooling off” period in others. There are background checks for the purchase of a handgun…and again, in some states there is a background check for the purchase of a rifle.

What I would like to see, is just that; something I would personally want. Our lawmakers are the ones who create the laws.

I would like for the lawmakers to actually LISTEN to their citizens for a change instead of just going along with their donors or the gun Lobby (NRA).

I would like for them to hear that we do not want just anyone to have access to a weapon that should be solely owned by the military.  The MILITARY after all are the only ones authorized to actually HUNT HUMANS…we call it war.

The mass shootings in this country have all been completed with the use of a military style gun such as the AR 15.  Oh a few of the shooters ALSO had an arsenal of assorted handguns with them…one even had a rifle.  BUT, the vast majority of children and adults has been accomplished with the AR 15 styled guns.

America had ZERO school shootings when the general public was banned from the purchase or ownership of those guns. The very year the gun ban expired we had Columbine.

So, I ask. With all due respect to the second Amendment…what is the objection to banning bump stocks, high capacity magazines and guns that can be modified into machine guns?

Don’t just scream “constitutional rights” or “second amendment” at me either.  I am NOT speaking of pistols, rifles, or shotguns. If it saves the lives of our children, if it saves even ONE life, what exactly is the problem? How much blood needs to be encrusted on our hands before we do something rational?

7 thoughts on “How many more must we lose?

  1. Seriously what is going on with us?

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    1. i honestly do not know. the country is so is like everyone automatically thinks they are being attacked somehow when people have differing opinions. I have never seen such hatred between political opponents before…not even during the race riots of the 1960’s.

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      1. Hmmm situations are getting worse for every country now.

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  2. Money is the name of the game. Vietnam cost 54000 American lives and millions of civilian lives for the benefit of the American munitions/military industry. Corporate boardrooms swam in profits. That same industry directed Bush to send us into Iraq in 2003. The only thing wrong with “us” is that we don’t have enough money to buy politicians. In Vietnam we feared the commie bastards, In Iraq we feared the WMDs. Gee, who initiated those fears? Sure as hell wasn’t mom and dad back home trying to raise a family, was it? No, when Americans are fed a steady stream of fear, corporations rake in the profits. Unfortunately, the students being killed is just an inconvenience for the NRA and its corporate backers.

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  3. I was absolutely devastated when I saw another headline. My worry is that the world is gradually going to become, if it isn’t already, desensitised to these atrocious acts of violence. I will never cease to be amazed by the capacity of humanity to inflict such inhumanity.

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  4. Your question is a good one, indeed. And, is one I continue to ask. You’ll likely get the doomsdayers who somehow think the “government” will come door to door with garbage bags and summarily take their guns, or that think the “government” will somehow institute a martial law and coup us all into some fascist society. That’s obviously not going to happen, and if they even had a true understanding of the Constitution, they’d realize that’s not gonna happen. Maybe they have binge watched too much The Walking Dead and believe zombies are actually real? Or played too much Grand Theft Auto as teens and think the entire country is every man for himself? I just don’t know, nor will I ever consider any argument for the right to own assault weapons as a legitimate argument. They serve but one purpose only. Well, maybe two: killing humans in mass numbers and overcompensation for a some sort of shortcoming. Either way, I don’t want them in the general publics’ hands.

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  5. i dont know a lot about gunlaws in the us. i dont know a lot about guns either. we dont have guns in ireland, well criminals do but overall we do not. neithe r do the police. we’re better off for not having them. xo

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