out of the mouth of babes

Sam was over for a while this afternoon.  Sam is the five year old pundit that lives next door. We were having a wonderful conversation about the merits of chocolate chip cookies versus oatmeal raisin when the news came onto the radio.

The announcer made this statement that caught Sam’s attention: “Ex-Trump campaign aide, Rick Gates has pled guilty. How will this effect the Trump White House?”.

Sam looked at me for a minute and said ‘Guilty of what?”  So I told him that he and Mr Manafort had made some bad decisions in trying to get real estate loans and got caught.  I tried to explain that it is not legal to lie on applications to banks and the IRS.”

Sam, when hearing “IRS” immediately looked up and grinned.  He said “Granpops hates the IRS cause they takes all his moneys”.  I said well, lots of people don’t like them but we have to pay our taxes.

Sam asked “does Mr Gapes and Manfort work for the oil company like granpops?”  and I said no, they used to work for Mr Trump.

Sam, frowning mightily said, “well, that was their first mistake”.

I changed the subject and asked Sam how school was going….  (He is in kindergarten and loves it) He surprised me by saying “I don’t want to go back anymore”. I asked why not and here is the explanation I got:

Sam: “I don’t want my teacher to have a gun. What if she gets mad at me? or Ernie? She gets mad at Ernie alls the time cause Ernie is a bad boy. What if she shoots him? Does all the teachers gots to have guns now? Can’t we just make schools a no guns place? That would be better. If they all gots guns i don’t wanna go and I don’t wants Braalie to go too”.

I asked Sam “did someone say all the teachers needed to have guns?”  He nodded at me.  I said “who was that Sam?” thinking it was a neighbor or another child.

Sam said “Mr Trump says we gots to give all the teachers guns so they can shoots people. Doesn’t he like kids Granma Suze? Why does he want us to get shots and deaded at school. I just want to learn how to spell!”

I just hugged Sam and said “Oh honey, I don’t think that’s what he wants” and Sam, being an incredibly bright little boy reminded me of one true thing.  he said “but Granma Suze. Mr Trump is stupid. he does stupid things and says stupid things and the guberment has to do what he says cause he’s the president, then THEY do stupid things and its the kids who get dead!”.

I said the only thing I could at that point.  I said “Sam, somehow we are going to make sure the teachers don’t have to have guns no matter what the president says, okay?”  and since I am the granma he believes me and felt better.

Now, we just have to do it. For all the five year old Sams out there.

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  1. I also have a young niece, whom I believe is in the 3rd grade, and she has expressed concern about her teacher with “blue hair.” It is a terrible shame that children feel fear…and it is awful to think of what that fear could lead to…..

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  2. Wonderfully recounted story and a very bright little one you have as a grandson. Good post.

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  3. From the mouths of babes !

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  4. It’s unbelievable. My kids had to attend a presentation on what to do in the event of an incident and then perform a drill last week.

    Yeah. That’s just what we need, Mr. Dipshit. More guns. Great idea. Does he own a weapons manufacturing plant or something? What the hell. How this guy is in the position he’s in is still baffling to me. 😠

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  5. For all the Sam’s out there …let the world turn lil better very soon. Where they feel safe and secure

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  6. I was waiting since days to read one of your new conversations with him. And now I feel heartbroken to know that he is scared to go to school for reasons like these. 😫😫😫

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    1. it has to get better. Somehow, we adults have to change this country for the children.

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      1. Yeah..

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  7. Young children are so insightful. Sam has hit upon an important question here: What would certain teachers do if they were armed in the classroom? The same goes for armed security guards at school. It’s a question I’ve asked and at least one person was being obtuse. By comparison, Sam is pretty smart because he immediately thought about the negative impact on one of his classmates.

    If we’re really being honest with ourselves, putting more guns in schools is a horrible idea. It could lead to more abuse. Sadly, there are teachers out there who abuse their authority. The same is true for security guards. Think about how they would act with a gun — while offering no guarantee that they would be able to stop someone who wanted to commit a mass murder at the school.

    The solution for eliminating schools shootings shouldn’t be more guns. We do need common-sense gun control and better protocols for dealing with threats like the Parkland, FL shooter.

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  8. This transcript needs to be sent to ‘Mr Drump’ in the vain hope that he might begin to understand the fear his inflammatory remarks have ignited.

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    1. I sent the link via twitter to the idiot in chief…not that he’ll read it. it’s more than 4 words long ya know.

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