Let it bleed challenge, week 6

The challenge this week is from a photo that Saumya picked out.  Who’s Saumya you ask? She is the lovely lady of RandomnessInked. go check out her blog for some wonderful posts!

 Let It Bleed, week 6

He sat in the hospital waiting for news.  Would she be okay?  Is she in any pain?  Why did it feel as if his entire world had come crashing down around his head?

When would this horrible anxiety leave? he tried deep breathing, but was distracted and further upset every single time the doors opened.

It was never her coming out with her perpetual smile.

It felt like days instead of hours since he got the phone call.  A distant voice saying “come now”. How much longer would it be?

Every day was such a pleasure to her. She’d wake with a smile and a giggle…reaching up for a hug and a kiss.

Every night when he came home was the same…she’d rush to greet him at the door, telling him all about her day.

When would the doors open? How much longer? he glanced at the clock on the wall knowing at least a day had passed only to discover it had been less than 20 minutes. it felt as if his entire life had passed by.

he heard the footsteps and was suddenly terrified to look up. he knew in his soul..before anyone could say his name that his life had been changed for the worst.

He looked up and met the doctor’s eyes.

Not a word needed to be said. he saw the sadness on the doctor’s face.

His world stopped.  Would it ever be able to start again? He knew HE would never feel a hug, a kiss; never see a smile again for him.

He turned to the policeman waiting patiently next to him. He saw her teacher collapse in pain and fear.

The last thing he heard before falling into forever pain was the teacher’s words;  “I didn’t mean to shoot her. I thought she was the one killing people! How was I to know she’d come through the door?”

11 thoughts on “Let it bleed challenge, week 6

  1. This is heartbreaking. I can feel the void that’s surrounding him.

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    1. I never even thought while writing..I just wrote. That’s only happened once before and I was a kid!

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      1. I’m happy to know that the photo made you write such a wonderful piece in one go 🙂

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  2. WOW Suze, great piece of writing. 45’s idea to arm school teachers is not receiving widespread support. And it should not. Amongst a myriad of stupid ideas this ranks near the top. Everyday, we are taken to new depths.

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    1. thanks Larry. I wish I knew where it came from, but am grateful I had it in me.

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  3. Excellent post! Well done 👍

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  4. wow! that was brilliant sooz! xo

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