A VERY interesting look at dealing with one’s alter ego…I laughed out loud! reblog of Slice ofQuao


To start off I’m obviously new here and might come off rather amateurish, even childish, to the ‘well-read’ and ‘well blogged’ eye. I believe an introduction of myself is necessary although it kind of feels like I’m talking to a brick wall here having no followers. The name’s Quao, Eugene Quao. First off, I have to warn you I sometimes black out when I’m in the middle of things and people tell me afterwards I kept on functioning on a more normal and likeable level than I usually do which is frankly hurtful. They mention I refer to myself as Sam Brown which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me. To begin, I come off a rather eccentric dull dud who seems disinterested in just about everything happening around me. I’ve come to realise putting on that demeanour makes people think I’m rather anti-social and stuck up and prompts them…

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3 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. I don’t understand…….Gabby thinks this guy is terrific. Huh?????

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  2. larry, you are just too cerebral my sweet…….


  3. definitely interesting! thanks for sharing! xo

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