heretics can congregate here……

congregate   congregare  from a flock….oh sheesh the old Latin class once again rears its ugly head.  Am I never to see words without disassembling them into their base?

It isn’t just Latin either…I disassemble into old Greek, and even Aramaic at times.  It can become truly frustrating when all I really wish to do is read a book. A word will pop out of a sentence and I immediately know that it just doesn’t belong there. Most times it doesn’t belong because its antonym should have been used…but sometimes………..sometimes it seems a deliberate misinterpretation of an older work.

I read….a LOT.  I continue to take classes, usually online, in an effort to continue my rather odd education. I have been taking a course on Heresies online. I know that sounds odd, especially since I have no religion anymore, but it fascinates me. And, it just occurred to me that if I had lived just a couple of hundred years earlier and held to my belief system, I would have been brned at the stake as an heretic.

Well, thank goodness no one does THAT anymore!


3 thoughts on “heretics can congregate here……

  1. Although there are places in the world that stone and murder instead, even as many of us do have much more freedom of belief, including non-belief. How much of an improvement, I’m not sure.

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  2. Apart from where it does actually happen!!

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  3. I studied Latin and Greek and do a lot of etymology for myself and in my book too–I find it fun and helpful.

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