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I follow around a simply wonderful fellow who writes under Weird Weekends.  He has been known to dye wool with plants, felt human hair into caps and other odd things, spin his own yarn and weave rugs and other assorted items. Needless to say, he fascinates me! Yes, I have to admit, several times I wished I could try out some of the odd things he does in the name of having fun with the kids….or annoying the kids. I suppose it depends upon just how stinky the experiments become as to whether the children are enjoying themselves.

In any event, once he started weaving I started saving for a loom of my own.  And I finally purchased one.

When it arrived I had a rather annoying time trying to figure out what all the things were for and how to use them to make a cohesive loom. I supposedly have a “heddle”…and frankly I am still not sure exactly which thing the “heddle” is! It’s either the flat long thing or the cut-outs long thing. Either way, I figure someone will explain which is which to me later. I thought I had it figured out after watching six hours of weaving videos on YouTube, but I was wrong.

This weekend, I threw myself into the Loom experience……….I “inherited” an enormous amount of yarn in a “surprise box” I bought at a yard sale for a dollar…then George brought me home a garbage bag full of yarn from work……so I figured I could just whip out either a bunch of place-mats or something this weekend.

It took me an hour to figure out how to get the first strands of yarn on the loom…but I did it!

Then I had to stick the “heddle’ in between every other strand of yarn. One video said to place every other yarn into the “slot” so i figured it was the slot stick thing that was a heddle…but then ANOTHER video said the heddle was a flat stick. Well heck. So I tried both ways.

I am NOT smarter than a slotted stick and ended up grabbing Sam to show me what to do.  After all, he wove pot holders at kindergarten so I figured he’d understand this loom.

Sam, after looking over the loom for about a minute, looked at me and said “Give it up, Granma. Can I have a cookie?” (sigh)

After a lot of experimentation and assorted curses, I figured out how to weave! (That slotted stick is now sitting in the original mailing box.)

AND! No I didn’t finish a place mat! Just doing this three inches of a weaving took me over six hours today! It’s going to be next Christmas before I am done! BUT, I am really proud I stuck with it long enough to get this!

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  1. Good for you for figuring it out. I hope it is fun for you.

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  2. My grandmother had me selling Christmas cards when I was about 10……and yes, we did those damn potholders too. The neighbors and relatives would close blinds and lock doors when they saw us coming.

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    1. we not only sold girl scout cookies, but boy scout calendars and wrapping paper, pot holders and tea cozies for the Sunday school and collected for UNICEF……PLUS we tried to give away baby guinea pigs! Our neighbors not only locked the doors, they turned off their radios and televisions and turned out all the lights.

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      1. HaHa. I think I would have also.

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  3. Well you just jumped right into the deep end! I would be the same as Sam….let’s just eat cookies. Where do you even find a loom? Seriously, where?

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  4. You’ll get better with practice. I love the yarn 😊

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  5. Speaking as a man whose favorite show of all time is “How It’s Made”, I love this post! And congratulations! You have successfully woven weaving into writing. Success looms large.


  6. ahaha! it sounds trying! did you give sam the cookie? 😛 xo

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