COW challenge? like…moo? (Contest of Whatever)

Okay….so Barbara shared a post written by a squirrel. (yes, I know, I know…but it WAS a squirrel) who has a challenge. Now, I am still not exactly clear what KIND of challenge, but I can confirm it is indeed a challenge.  Which ultimately means that I will do whatever it is that needs to be done to qualify as a challenge-e.

I am pretty sure I am supposed to do something with these three pictures…hang on, lemme get em.

Yes, I KNOW!  This is gonna be wierd, even for ME!  Ok, here goes nothing!

a little limerick to somehow get me started:

There once was a man who bathed.
He liked dr who and he scathed.
His name was mario.
He found the hilario.
And he couldn’t resist the unscathed.

yea, that didn’t work….try again.  I can hear people saying dr who? where’d that come from?  Number 2 people!  There’s a pic of the Tardis on the wall, that is Amy Pond and Rory and their kid (who turned into Amy’s best friend in school and the doctor’s wife….good grief, don’t you watch television?)

2nd try at something semi-erudite:

James was annoyed.  It wasn’t everyday that he got the tub to himself, and this day seemed no different.  That stupid human once again crashed his bath!  Obviously humans were lower life forms, but being a civilized warthog, James decided to let it slide this once.  Now, where did he put that soap?  He was going to be late for Melodie Pond’s birthday party if he didn’t find it soon. 

He entirely missed her birthday last year….that was the year melody was river and got married to the Doctor…he remembered the year before when he had made it right as Melodie was cutting her cake.  She had a super mario theme going and the cake, while tasting like an old alligator was at least a pretty green.

James glanced at the clock and realized if this stupid human didn’t hurry up he was going to miss the party entirely.  He became more and more angry and seriously considered a tusk up the idiot’s…………………..


okay…I give up. that’s it!  No contest is worth this much frustration….I am going to end up as Squirrelly as the blog contest promoter if I don’t stop soon!

12 thoughts on “COW challenge? like…moo? (Contest of Whatever)

  1. haha! This is too funny! I hope you do enter this! I like that you included those 3 pictures. I didn’t know how to make them little. Fun story! 🙂

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  2. entered…now we wait. for what exactly I am not sure….


  3. haha! super! I think ES will choose a winner of his choice, or maybe 2, and a random draw one, and they get to choose a silly prize from his stockpile. 🙂 It’s definitely a contest of ‘whatever’! I like the COW, which I hadn’t even noticed. Should have put a cow in mine, except I don’t have one. 🙂

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    1. i notice odd things……

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      1. I’m so glad that you do! 🙂

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  4. I love that you managed to work all three pictures into a five line limerick! (Well, I realized you did when you explained the Dr. Who connection, since I’m not familiar with that oft mentioned series). Consider this to be entered, and I thank you for jumping on board and giving the CoW a shot! The winner is announced on Sunday, and there are two potential prizes…

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  5. hahahahaha so funny, I wish I could write and come up with stuff like you do looool very cool!!

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    1. it takes a special kind of stupid to do what I do…….lol

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  6. Aargh, I’ve been watching Dr Who since the 70s and didn’t still notice the TARDIS. I want a do-over on mine now 🙂

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    1. no……………quite simply…NO! I want to win something for being different! lol

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