I am exhausted………..

Sam came over after class today and immediately the questions began….

“Granma Suze, what’s an aggilater?”

“Gramna Suze, do you like cookies with choclate in them?”

“Granma Suze, my teacher told Mr. Hanson (vice-principal) to stuff it…what was he gonna stuff? And how come he got all red?”

“Granma Suze, is the news a bunch of Liars? Cause Pop-pop said they all lie”

“Granma Suze, did you know a b is for BUTT cause a BUTT is in the back and it doesn’t look like a d anymore?”

“Granma Suze, why are you laughing?”

“Granma Suze, Pop-pop is gonna live in a cave, he said so”

I asked “a Cave? Are you sure?”  and Sam came right back with “yep, he’s gonna live in a man cave. Can I live in a cave?”

I tried to explain what a “man cave” is, but Sam was off on a tangent.

“Granma Suze, how comes you write on the puter all the time?”

I explained I write letters to our congressmen and representatives and I have a blog so I write a lot………..Sam said “Granma Suze, the repulsentives and comgeds don’t read”…….I looked at him, and then asked “why do you think that?”

Sam said “Cause Pop-pop said they are all embastiles”. I said “imbeciles?”  Sam nodded………”they just tweet Granma Suze.  And no one that tweets can spell good. So they can’t read good. it’s simple. if they could read, they’d be smart and do smart stuff.”

I asked what kind of smart stuff they would do……………..

Sam replied “well they wouldn’t put their heads inside their butts that’s for sure”.

“Granma Suze, how come when you laugh you cry?”

7 thoughts on “I am exhausted………..

  1. hahahahahahaha that is soooo cute, very smart for his age!!

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  2. They should have Sam on TV instead of the embastiles!

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    1. ikr? Sam is wonderful! Took me a few minutes to realize aggilater was alligator! sheesh!


  3. Sam the superstar strikes again!

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  4. What an adorable kid!

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  5. I only got a black screen but I was on my phone so I’ll check back.

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