Useless award

There are awards for writing..for photography..for being supportive or funny..for bringing up issues that are world-changing…….for people who love challenges, and for those that hate challenges. There’s even a POETRY Blog Award! I mean seriously, who reads poetry anymore?

Now, there’s an award for just having a “cool” blog.

This award has a long history (of almost two years) of being given to incredible bloggers (there have been two or three actually) who embody all the great things that bloggers should…ummmm……..embody! (pretty sure I gave it to Cyranny for annoying me, Robert for simply being Robert if I actually remembered to give one to Robert ((If I forgot, Robert this is for you too!)), and Red...she likes cheese!)

There is only one question to answer with this award, and that is

“how did I ever get so lucky?”


And the awardee is………………………………………….PREET of LoveAmorMilosc 

And even though Preet has been on wordpress for a few minutes, and still hasn’t completed an “about me” page, he is oh so deserving of this Non-Award Award! (because I said so, that’s why…I like his poetry.)


8 thoughts on “the RCATUOOTWBA Award!

  1. you are, hilarious, I tell ya! xoxo ❤

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  2. Don’t worry I got mine 😂
    Congratulations though!!

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  3. Sorry that anonymous one was me I used the website and didn’t fill any information in because I thought it would do that automatically haha 😂

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    1. i figured you just wanted to hide………..

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      1. No hahaha just me being inept as usual 😂

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  4. Saumya Agrawal March 1, 2018 — 3:46 am

    Have you started this award? 😂😂😂😂

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    1. yes…i was bored one day….

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      1. Haha that’s great 😝😝

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