catching up on daily prompts yet again

I am beginning to think that I “miss’ some of the daily prompts on purpose so that I have to madly scribble some moronic blather at the end of each month in order to “catch up”.

I am pretty sure no one else on WP feels the need to do each and every daily prompt that the daily prompter manages to think up or pull out of thin air….I wonder if he or she could pull a prompt out of thick air?  I wonder what thick air would actually be? Fog? Smog?

Where was I?

OH YEA! The words I managed to miss are ..ummm……here!

Dim, Premonition, Astral, Assay, Rube, Costume.

At least I have a sort of six word theme each month. Maybe I am doing this on purpose in order to have a six-word theme? Who knows. OK, on to complete the prompts post.

She had about ten minutes in order to complete the preparations for the dim-witted weekly rube.  It was so easy to fool him.  He was determined to “speak” to his dear departed, and she knew he never could.  The old bat was dead and buried after all. But she made her rent by dressing in the ridiculous gypsy costume, pretending to speak to those gone on to the Astral plain…so who cares that she was taking someone’s hard-earned money with her acting? They were willing to give it up so she was happy to take it.

He arrived, and she set in motion the bells, whistles, moving gauzy netting hanging above..the table rattles and moaning.  He prepared to connect with his long gone loved one and hoped this time would be the time he’d find out where she hid the precious metals.

The medium moaned and groaned, then spoke in a deepened and gravelly voice….”what you seek shall not be found. …the assay of spirits not bound, the petty thoughts and such small coin given shall not assist your assault of Heaven. Go forth and not return, else this day shall make you mourn”.

The medium jerked and cried out, then collapsed upon the table.  He threw his coin upon the table and fled.

“Not bad” she said as she grabbed the coins.  “tripled the coin with that last remark.  I’ll have to remember that next time”


10 thoughts on “catching up on daily prompts yet again

  1. I like your approach to the Daily Prompts! And your story made me laugh 🙂

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    1. thanks..i had absolutely NO IDEA where I was going with it! lol

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  2. awesome post i miss lots of the prompts. but i dont worry about it. i just do them when i can. xo

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  3. Let us assay the world condition
    I saw it first, a premonition
    I am a rube
    A mind so dim
    I wear a costume
    To stay trim
    But to escape
    I must unravel
    The mystery
    Of astral travel.

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    1. Saumya Agrawal March 1, 2018 — 6:44 am


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      1. How kind of you Saumya

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      2. Saumya Agrawal March 1, 2018 — 7:01 am

        That was just awesome Richmond! Your talent is precious 🙂

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    2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I LOVE this!


  4. Saumya Agrawal March 1, 2018 — 6:45 am

    HAhaha.. There are prompts that seek my attention but my words fall short 😀 But yeah some bloggers on my reader do the prompts daily!

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  5. I am, by nature, lazy.

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