it’s time to leave social media behind…probably

I am pretty sure it is beyond time for me to close down my facebook account. It has been hacked once. I had to create a “new’ account and refind all my “friends”. Except I was careful to only add some bloggery buddies and my family. A few (very few) old friends in my real life.

But, the craziness has returned.

I made the mistake of responding to a snarky comment on a post.  It turned into a four day long exercise in annoyance, corrections of faulty thinking (not on my part but on their thinking) and the end result is annoyance all the way around.

I’m too old to be annoyed all the time. I am a generally happy person.  I figure I survived all kinds of things from homelessness to abusive spouses, to crap jobs, to medical problems and life-threatening illnesses…why do I have to “survive” crap on a social media platform as well?

I don’t.

The only reason I ever go on it anymore is to play a puzzle game with friends.  I have their phone numbers, emails and blog addresses.  Why do I need to “see’ them on multiple platforms? Well, I don’t. So, I am really thinking about getting out of the never-ending cycle of posting kittens, puppies and blather on FB and doing other things instead. Like blogging. Or weaving, painting, gardening, sewing, camping, cooking, baking, reading REAL books as well as my Kindle ones and generally annoying the heck out of friends and family.

Seems like a good decision to me.


14 thoughts on “it’s time to leave social media behind…probably

  1. I don’t plan on closing my page, but I am not going on Facebook anymore. I haven’t opened it for weeks, and people around me wonder how I can still breathe without the constant news-feed, but I can, and very well for that matter…

    Maybe you could just not pay attention to it for a while, and then decide if you want to close it down for good?

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  2. yea…i posted a note saying i was thinking about leaving. asked for email or google+ addys to stay in touch. when I have to block a cousin or another relative though for all the vitriol and slurs, I figure it is time to leave.


  3. We made almost identical posts on this subject. Clearly I agree with you

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    1. holy crap! great minds………


  4. fb can be like that. i have an fb account. i dont go on there too much though. i find if i do i can get addicted, i’d much rather be addicted to blogging, theres a better and more understanding community on here. xoxo

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    1. the blogging community has been so wonderful! A bigger group of caring, empathetic, encouraging people simply can’t be found anywhere else!

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      1. Yeah, we love you too Suze!

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  5. Agreed. Lost contact with most of my relatives/friends during the 2016 campaign. Stayed on FB and Twitter to get exposure for my blog. NOTHING. I’ll keep my page but, I rarely interact there…..and twitter, haven’t been there in months. You’re right about the annoyance, too many trolls who have nothing better to do all day than pick apart what you comment on or post.

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  6. I hate Facebook. It’s a garbage dump. 🙂

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  7. I love facebook, however the constant if you are not on there you are weird, drives me nuts, I am on there, because I share photos of my son with my partner’s family (he doesn’t do facebook) and with mine. Its like my mobile phone, it drives my family nuts that it is never charged, what is with the constent you need to get hold of me thing. Is it that important that if I don’t answer my phone the world is going to end? No, although to be fair I don’t listen to the voicemails either

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  8. I got rid of my fb account last year. The hatred got to me. I think what did me in was I befriended a classmate who was putting together our fifty year class reunion. Well, that meant every damned class member wanted to “friend” me. How could I say no, right? The problem started from jump. I’ve never seen so much right wing hatred in my life. It was rampant. I fled for my life and sanity.
    You did the right thing.

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  9. I don’t do Twitter or Snapchat or Instagram. I am on Facebook, but my Facebook world is limited to my immediate family and a small, selective group of real world friends. I mostly read what they post (particularly posts from my grown kids) and I rarely post anything myself. So I don’t really have to deal with any Facebook insanity or nonsense.

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  10. Saumya Agrawal March 1, 2018 — 6:59 am

    There was a time I spent hours on Facebook. There was a time spent hours on Instagram. There was a time when I spent hours on Whatsapp. I even tried SnapChat (the shittiest app ever, trust me!). Now, I spend hours on WordPress.
    A month ago, my friend asked me Saumya where are you? A mutual friend of ours is more active than you on social media. I replied that I’m on WordPress. Days pass by and I forget that I have my accounts on Facebook and Insatgram (I deleted SnapChat, how happy my life is now :D). The apps remind me once in a week that I have so many notifications. I just happen to open them hardly for 5 mins and shut them down for another week. Can’t delete Whatsapp, class related msgs are sent (but my notifications are off for most of the chats :D).
    In a sentence, I totally feel you! 😀

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  11. True! Fb can be a nuisance. These days I just glance through it once in a while. Priority should be for mental peace ✌

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