Wednesday Music

I started this wednesday music thing because fluent Historian had a wednesday music ongoing weekly challenge……….I have no idea if it is still going on but now I like having one post every week that I know is scheduled.  It makes me feel like a grown-up actually. (Yes, I know I am already a “grown-up as I have surpassed the 60 mark)((A LONGGGGGGGGGGG time ago…well a few years if we are going to be specific))

In any event, I am in a completely warped mood this morning, so classical is just out the window…and you all are stuck with “music to annoy you by”……..

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Music

  1. Thanks Suze, exactly what I wanted running through my head all day.

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    1. share it with your loved ones….lol

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  2. I loved the Nian Cat song already…. but the first one was new to me! “Just don’t let them touch your balls” LOOOOL

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  3. lovely! I love this! scheduling posts is good sometimes too. I dont do it often as i should. x

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    1. I love when you read my posts…I always am so happy so many read it.


  4. Very fun! I liked the kitty cat one the best. Sounds like when I’m singing/meowing at my cat! 🙂

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