restart what exactly?

Can’t I just continue on as I am? I don’t WANT to restart anything! What an utter waste of time…………

I had to restart my weaving a bazillion times before I figured out what I was doing…and then I didn’t figure it out, the five year old next door did…..

Restarting is a pain in the patootie.

Instead, I shall continue…yep.

I will continue getting the shed set up so I can shove George into it.  He decided he needed a “floor’………..oh yes he did! It isn’t enough that I plastered the walls within an inch of their lives, or that I painted the danged thing! NOPE!


(sigh)….rant over.

Angie had a box of sticky tiles at her house so I stole ’em for the shed…..well, okay! I DIDN’T steal them, I asked if I could have ’em and she said it was fine…so this morning I brought those danged tiles home and plastered them all over the floor of the shed.

I tell you what…this shed is becoming nicer than my house with all the work I have done to fix it JUST SO I CAN THROW GEORGE INTO IT! (I guess the rant wasn’t totally over, huh?)

Anyway, here it is in all its glory. George better danged well appreciate it.



8 thoughts on “restart what exactly?

  1. It looks like a masterpiece. Maybe you can rent it out as an airbnb when he isn’t in there–

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  2. looks like you qualify for the reno shows! Is George your hubby or dog? And if he doesn’t have four paws why is he making you do all the work …


    1. George is the husband! the dog? You made me laugh out loud!!!

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      1. lol sorry Suze 🙂

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  3. Hope he likes it! and appreciates all your hard work! ❤

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  4. Hahahaha thats what you get for thinking about throwing him in there, it turned out beautiful!! Good job!! I am afraid after you’re done you’re the one going to move in to the shed looooool

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  5. Ha! Give us an inch and we’ll want a mile. 😏

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