I’m shoving but George is hanging onto the doorframe!

I finished up George’s shed and thought “finally, I can move his crap”….okay, to be polite, let’s restate that to “I can move all of George’s modeling stuff into the shed now”.

I started by clearing out the overhead storage above his closet space/modelling center.  Just three small overhead cabinets………….three!  It seems the male of the species can squeeze 50 bazillion boxes into a space designed for THREE!  After yanking and pulling, shoving and cursing I finally dislodged the FIRST box.

Now picture this…I am five feet and a few (very few) inches tall. The cabinets are over the head of a normal sized person….I needed to use a step ladder to reach them. I am standing on the second step…from the top, not the bottom of a four step ladder….and can barely reach them.

I have a “graboid” to assist me in reaching anything. What? You don’t know what a graboid is?  wait a second, let me find a picture…………..(cue Jeopardy music)

That’s a graboid.

So you have the general idea of what I was doing……..

Now, I know I should have cleared the floor surrounding George’s workbench but the idiot that lives in my head decided to just shove some out of the way and get the junk from the top shelves…….I was grabbing the first box and dragging it towards the cabinet opening when a cat came in to see what I was doing….and the cat (gee, thanks Pyewacket!) bit my ankle when I refused to pay attention to him…and I yelped and jerked…the box came crashing down, the cat leaped out of the way but I ended up on the floor amongst a bazillion tiny army men’s heads and assorted body parts.

After picking up a bazillion beheaded army guys and shoving them back into the upended box, I managed to get off the floor and straighten up the ladder.  There were 47 bazillion boxes left above my head just waiting for me to grab them. Before too long I had all the boxes down.  As I was about to transport half of them to the trashcan outside (empty boxes, broken parts, dried up paints and glue) George wanders in and decides he must keep all of it.


WHY do men do that?  Why is it so hard to throw away stuff that is broken or dried up and no longer useful? So, I agreed with him that he should keep them (I can be sneaky) and after he left the room took the crap outside and threw it all away.

I still have a thousand boxes on the floor to schlep outside to the shed…then there is a workbench to take out there…and five bookshelves and a display case.  AND, he asked “hey honey? Can you build me a few shelves for my models? I’d like to take all these out to the shed.”

And I thought I was done.


7 thoughts on “I’m shoving but George is hanging onto the doorframe!

  1. STAND YOUR GROUND, GEORGE !!!!! Men’s lives matter.

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  2. rofl! sooz that’s hilarious. you are sooo sneaky! but sooo loving to do all that for him! xo

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  3. I’ve always known a Graboid to be the monster from the movie Tremors. Now, if you had one of those assisting you, I doubt George would’ve had much to say!

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    1. that’s where I got the term from, actually. I adored the tremors movies! so campy!

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      1. Hahaha! I still enjoy watching them every so often.

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