Sam discusses…..GIRLS!

Sam, the five year old next door, came running over this morning.  He was about to burst with excitement…..”Granma Suze! Granma Suze! I have a grilfriend!”.

Oh boy.

I asked him “what’s her name?”

Sam said “I dunno. I think its Bob”.

I said “Bob?”

Sam just nodded.

I asked “are you sure Bob is a girl?”

Sam looked at me for a moment, obviously thinking deeply…and replied “pretty sure. Bob has a pink tee-shirt”.

I tried to change the subject, but Sam wasn’t through talking about his “girlfriend”.

“Bob likes baseball just like me, and she likes bugs and lizards and baseball”.

I said “Sam, you said baseball twice honey”

He replied, “She REALLY likes baseball!”

I asked, “so what do you guys do together?”

Sam looked at me as if I had lost my mind and said “we don’t do nothing. She sits next to me at school”

I asked “that’s it?”  and Sam said “what else do you do with a grilfriend?”

As I was trying to think of an answer that was appropriate for a five year old, Sam suddenly got up and said “I have-ta go to church now. See ya”

and was off.  Leaving me wondering who would name a girl Bob?


14 thoughts on “Sam discusses…..GIRLS!

  1. Lovely post ! U must fund out more about this bob person

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    1. I am taking cupcakes to the school on Tuesday for a birthday party and shall find out if Bob is “gril” or not…….lol


  2. hahhahaa.. little Sam is so cute.. 😛


  3. So sweet! Maybe Bob is short for Roberta:-)

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  4. Well, why not? Johnny Cash named a boy Sue. Sammy sounds a lot like you, Suze. Same mold?

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    1. not really. I “adopted” the kids as my grandkids when I moved in…I am the “extra” granma”………

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      1. Sounds like a smart kid.

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  5. Maybe it’s a boy, or maybe ‘Barb’…? I expect we’ll find out. It’s nice he has a friend who likes the same stuff he does.

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      1. I am very pro-bugs, I have to say. I prefer them outside of the house, but I find them charming.

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      2. oh they are amazing creatures OUTSIDE of my house! lol

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  6. LOL. Awesome post!

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