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“I’m undoubtedly a liberal, which means that I’m in almost total agreement with the Eisenhower-era Republican party platform.” Rachel Maddow

Yep…that’s me. I was raised in the Eisenhower era.  The first political party with which I had any affiliation was the Republican Party.

But over the past fifty years, the party has leaned so far to the right that I no longer recognize it for anything other than a platform for religious bigots and ultra-conservatives to spout forth lies and obfuscations.

The art of compromise, of which in the 50’s and 60’s the Republicans were masters, has vanished.

We need to somehow bring our political system back into a balance, where people on both sides of any issue can communicate their thoughts and desires to and WITH each other in order to find a middle ground.

I wish I knew how we could accomplish it.

I do know, that unless we can somehow rid ourselves of our hatred and distrust of “the other side” America is doomed.  Our democratic republic will be torn asunder if we do not find a way.

I don’t want my grand-children to become adults that wonder why the “great experiment” (as we were known at our beginning) died in the early 2000’s.


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  1. Let me know when you find an answer.

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  2. The American political spectrum is broken. We are a partisan nation, and a very unbalanced one. Most of our institutions are extremely right-wing and those with the loudest voices are social extremists from both ends of the spectrum. We’re a powder keg. There have been periods where things we like this, but this is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    I recently saw a clip where a Republican proudly said that he was a liberal. The clip was from the 1950s, I believe. It’s really strange to see how that changed and the word “liberal” became somewhat of a dirty word.

    While it might not seem like a bad idea on its face for people to identify themselves as liberals or conservatives, the problem lies with extreme partisanship. That leads to othering, tribalism, the refusal to listen to different viewpoints, and then violence. Sadly, there are powerful people who promote this because it keeps people distracted and allows the corrupt to amass more power and money.

    When I talk about American politics, I want to bring these things up. Both major political parties have failed us, but we are told we MUST vote for an option from either of those parties. The two-party system is awful because both parties feel that they have no incentive to improve and politicians from these parties are being paid not to care. To keep this going, Republicans distract conservatives and indoctrinate to hate anything liberal; at the same time, Democrats tell their base to blame and mock conservatives and have this obsession with centrism.

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    As Suze said in her thoughtful post, “We need to somehow bring our political system back into a balance.” It’s a tall order, given the way things are these days, but maybe if enough people show up to the polls in November….

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  4. I can’t argue with anything you’ve said. Not only is it broken it’s hopelessly ineffective. Gridlock and posturing are the norm. I am a conservative in many ways but I am reasonable, willing to compromise and I am a compassionate person so therefore I hate being labeled a Republican. Independent in spirit, mind, thought and vote

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