I wonder…………..

This is the very first thing that popped into my head when I saw the prompt for today.

This is the first song I ever sang as a solo….I was in the choir at Grace Presbyterian Church in Springfield Virgina.  My Mother was the organist there, and my godmother the choir director.  Mother and Miss Ann argued about the accompaniment for the song…in Church…in front of the Pastor.  One of those oh so lovely memories, right?

Anyway, I sang it and sang it well. It was during a midnight candlelight service and one of my fondest memories.  My brother, Stuart, accompanied me on his guitar.

Grace Church

5 thoughts on “I wonder…………..

  1. Love that song….well, you know how “we” are. Barbra is a goddess. However, we did WONDER why a good Jewish girl was doing a Christmas album.

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    1. really? Cause the music is beautiful…why else would someone sing it? lol

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  2. Another new thing to know about you you are a singer! You are very interesting, however after watching the video, btw I had the sound off so I may need to rewatch in case I miss any of your snarky comments…stick to singing. Jmo : ))

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  3. So…you sang this beautiful song with your lovely voice from under one of the pews then? I mean it’s the best way to get out of the line of fire. Barbra might have even approved. Just saying!

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  4. what a nice memory. glad you can bring that up and to mind!

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