Tea Testing

I have to admit that I like herbal teas…I have been buying them from a “friend” I met online several years ago who blends her own.  I thought that testing an herbal tea drink would be fine……….

In the Daily Goodie Box, I received a full-size can of Herb Guru herbal tea……the ingredients looked okay.  I didn’t see anything that I particularly disliked, so I was looking forward to it……

Let’s just let the video speak for itself!


7 thoughts on “Tea Testing

  1. The hand says it all!

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  2. it was so awful! And, it has the added “benefit” of being tasted over and over again as the hours go by………


  3. LOOOOOOOOOOL Okie… “not buying Herb Guru” check! On my not-to-do list!! 🙂 You two are so much fun to watch 😉 xx

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    1. oh that stuff is just so bloody awful!

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  4. Same here… I Love herbal teas as well! Very calming especially lavender, Chai and chamomile, I make my own so fresh and delicious

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