They’re here!

The two paintings I got from Rose Elaine are finally here! I am so excited!

For those that are living under a rock, or are new readers (okay i can be partially polite) Rose Elaine is a lovely lady who lives in England that has discovered painting…and I love almost everything she has painted and shown on her blog…and I got a small painting from her when she first started selling them..and I LOVE IT!  Here it is!

Then she painted one that I absolutely had to have for my soon to be computer/crafts/guest room.

It would be perfect above the bed I am about to create out of a closet space. (yes, I know it is odd, but this is MY house after all)……and it has finally arrived! And a second one! Woot!

Yes, I got two. One perfectly matches the color I have painted the living and dining room and will be glorious on a dark turquoise background……

I know I am babbling! They are just so pretty! And besides, it isn’t as if I will suddenly become a calm and/or rational person….this is ME!

2 thoughts on “They’re here!

  1. Calm and rational is overrated.

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    1. I agree. it’s so much more fun to be slightly batty and semi-irrational!

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