Let It Bleed, March 11, 2018: WHY?

Let It Bleed, a challenge hosted by Saumya Agrawal is a weekly writing, painting, whatever you want to do to interpret the word challenge. Check out all the Let It Bleed challenges and responses on her blog RandomnessInked 

Challenge word for this week is :


Why is it that if I disagree with your point of view

I am demonized?

Why is it when I speak my mind

I am discounted?

Why is it if I speak out for the disenfranchised

I am the enemy?

Why is it if I believe all religions are equally valid

I am evil?

When did this become the norm?

Why is it if I speak out and will not be silenced

I am subhuman?

Why is it when I speak of peace

I am met with violence?

Why is it when I speak reasonably

I am met with irrationality?

When did this become who we are as a people?

6 thoughts on “Let It Bleed, March 11, 2018: WHY?

  1. I never knew I would get such a brilliant response to this prompt. Why? 😀

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    1. thank you……it just flowed out from somewhere……….crazy!

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      1. Hehehe… Happens with me a lot 😀

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  2. Why is it that 37% of the American voters (trump supporters) control our government today? Why is that some who label themselves “Christian” believe trump is America’s godsend? Why is it that after Parkland only one state, Florida, and no others including the federal wimps have had the gonads to legislate gun control? “Why” could go on into infinity.

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