Am I Michelle Pfeiffer yet?

No, really.  This Andalou Face Cream from the Daily Goodie Box promises softer, younger, more elastic skin….that means I should look like a movie star when I am done, right?

This cream is a “pro-biotic + C”…and I am assuming someone out there knows exactly what that means and will inform me…there is no other explanation given on the packaging. The package does say “Fruit stem cell complex, vitamin C and probiotic microflora uplift and texture for a lighter, tighter and brighter looking appearance”……

Here we go………….

So, am I Michelle Pfeiffer yet?

12 thoughts on “Am I Michelle Pfeiffer yet?

  1. Yes, I can see it. Lovely to see YOU too.

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  2. You guys are so cute with these videos! Let me know how the face cream works out, i hope it doesn’t break you out!

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    1. I have five little red and itchy bumps! yeppers, looks like that face cream isn’t gonna work out. shoot. It smelled so good too!

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      1. Darn!

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      2. i have’s all good. besides I usually just use coconut oil on my skin….lol

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      3. I use Neutrogena on my face, I’m sensitive too, coconut oil mixed with essential oils like lavender on my surgery scar.

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      4. Ok, I can’t figure out how to put a follow button on my site so I just want to know if you can see my blog now?

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      5. nope..only follow is an email subscription service…want me to send you the code? all you need is a text widget. for the title you put ‘follow me on wp” and in the body of the widget is where the code goes. I wrote it for the new blog address so don’t change anything. I can email it or write it here, but be aware i’d have to add spaces so wp would not recognize it in the remarks.

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      6. i emailed the code to you

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  3. aahahaha! dont think so sooz but keep trying 😛 you’ll get there I am sure!

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    1. dang it. stupid stuff PROMISED! lol


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