it’s a breath mint! It’s for energy!

yes, I am still thinking about the Saturday Night Live skit with Dan Ackroid and Gilda Radner! Some things are just stuck forever in one’s memory.

Viter Energy is now making breath mints…they “boost energy and freshen breath” at the same time.

I was skeptical about these mints, I admit. Anything that has caffeine is not necessarily going to freshen one’s breath with a sweet minty flavor.

But, Ang and I gave it a go…………

Save your money. Buy a cup of coffee and follow that with a real breath mint if you need one. Stay far, far away from these awful “mints”.

5 thoughts on “it’s a breath mint! It’s for energy!

  1. Ever hear about the drunk who stood at the urinal and thought those pink, round things were large mints…….mmmm, mmmm, yummy

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  2. lol hokay, will do, lol, love your hilarious take on it…xo

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