Shoving George in the shed………. foot in the door!

I know it is hard to grasp the import of this occasion, but believe me when I say it has been quite a difficult journey…and I almost have George shoved completely into that blasted shed!

George’s shed

His foot is now firmly in the door…there are only a few (rather large and bulky) items left in the house which need transport outside….BUT, I nearly have a room in the house where I can create my own space!

This morning George started taking outside his thousands upon thousands of model paints, glues, decals, books, plastic sheets and boxed models waiting for his construction! The workbench that he inherited from my Dad was completely empty, completely filthy and halfway out of the closet when I arrived in the front room.

I found some cleaner, a roll of paper towels and completely cleaned the bench for him…thrilled that soon I would be able to begin construction of the closet daybed/sofa/storage unit!

I grabbed my phone and started surreptitiously taking photos of the bizarre work my husband was doing…….

I am about to reconnoiter the shed…………….(yes, this is a clandestine mission worthy of Sgt York!)……

Instead of talking (okay FINE! Writing about it! sheesh….) I’ll just let you watch the film!


8 thoughts on “Shoving George in the shed………. foot in the door!

  1. “That’s where my TV went” best thing I’ve heard all day!

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    1. shocked me…it was in my bedroom last night then gone this morning! lol

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  2. I hope you both enjoy it when it gets all done!

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  3. Ok, now all you need to do is repair George’s claw marks on the door jamb that he was hanging onto while you shoved him out. Tsk Tsk

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    1. I have plenty of wood putty and a few pages of sand paper! no worries!

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  4. I hope you guys enjoy your own spaces when its done!

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