George is IN the shed, and I am redecorating!

Yep…George has been successfully shoved into his shed.  We have nothin…nada…no mas in the house that has to do with his hobbies! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!

The closet has been cleaned, swept, repaired in a few places and I painted it a bright yet dark Turquoise………I know, that made no sense to me either…but that is what it is.

This is what it looked like yesterday afternoon……….

This is what it looked like last night…yes, I found a paintbrush and put on the first coat “just to see”……….

Yea…pretty awful isn’t it? I hate brush strokes in paint….and I figured it would take several coats.  this is what it looks like right now……

Okay, so it could probably use one more coat…but it has to DRY!

In the meantime, I have been trying to figure out what to do so far as lighting is concerned in there….I wanted a stained glass something but have no money ………they cost a BUNCH! Then I thought a Moroccan style hanging lamp on the side would be pretty……and found a few online……….for a bazillion dollars! (okay, they were only 55 dollars but it might as well be a bazillion!)

I found THIS at a local thrift shop……………for 2 dollars! It may not be Moroccan but it IS shaped like a FEZ so it works!

Now, Imagine that pineapple thing on top gone, the lamp turned upside down, the beads all a different color and hanging the opposite direction, and a chain coming from the top, which is now the bottom but will be the top hanging on the wall…….

Fine, you can’t imagine it…well, the important thing is I can imagine it, and I have all the junk here in my craft room to do it!

It’s gonna look gorgeous! well, at least it will look that way to me…..

Tomorrow i am off to the local builder’s supply store for cinder blocks and 3/4 inch plywood……..possiblky some construction adhesive and some expanding insulation spray……..the BED is going to be made! Woot!

11 thoughts on “George is IN the shed, and I am redecorating!

  1. I’m glad he’s moved out and you have space to play. Mirrors strategically placed can help increase the light in there too maybe–

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    1. oh, I found a really cool little table lamp that I am converting into a wall lamp for in there! woot!

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  2. Does George have a mailbox at his shed? I want to send my congratulations on finally escaping the “house”…..maybe a care package too. You know… stuff. Sardines. limburger cheese, Vienna sausages, beef jerky.

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    1. he asked for Bratwurst, cheddar cheese, manly crackers (wtf is a MANLY cracker???) and diet coke! lol

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  3. Woot! On both counts! 😃

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    1. I have been happy dancing all day! lol

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      1. I bet George has too! 😃😃

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  4. Your find is really beautiful…. I love it!!!

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  5. I forgot about the room and the room too looooool

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  6. So, is this gonna be a guest room or a craft room? Best of luck on it either way!


    1. a guest/craft/computer room…if we ever HAVE a guest! sheesh


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