one thing leads to another! AGAIN!!!

I’ve never had very much patience when it comes to my home.  I want things done right now, now two days or two weeks or two months from now!  The rebuilding/renovating and refurbishing in here is about to drive me nuts as I have to “wait” for others to do specific things. I just want to rip[ into each project and ‘get her done”……

I just finished the daybed/sofa in the front room. I had to wait on George to be thrown into the shed to start that job..I figured it would take me two days, instead it took me three hours!  Now, I need to move the futon frame in the living room so I can move the two chairs in the front room.

Then I have to take down 12 small shelves (full of models still), fill in any holes in the wall and let the goop dry, sand down wherever I filled in and then (FINALLY) I can paint the room. Then, and only then, can I rearrange the room so I can build (well finish building) my crafts table.

I already have the wood to make the top to the crafts table…….but I need to find the charging station for my battery powered reciprocal saw and recharge that sucker before I can cut the wood.

It’s always something.

I know I have a charger as I had to charge the saw before I used it the first time…but where it decided to hide itself it an unknown……

I am pretty sure this is my new theme song until I actually finish!

2 thoughts on “one thing leads to another! AGAIN!!!

  1. You are funnnnny!!!! I am going as fast as I can!!!

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  2. ahahhahaha! I like that theme song! 🙂 grins!
    Hope you get it all done and soon! xoxo

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