Cee’s Share Your World, March 19, 2018

Even on a gloomy, cold, rainy day there are things that make me happy.  The dogs greeting me with wild wiggling and happy barks……….the warmth of a working furnace…..Cee’s Share Your World! Check out Cee’s photography…..wonderful challenges and gorgeous photos.  What more could you ask?

share your world challenge

What is your earliest memory? Sitting in a high chair in a dark wood paneled room..Daddy and Great Aunt Sadie eating muffins and my brother putting a bowl of oatmeal on his head. I think I was about 18 months old at the time. We have no photos of that day, nor did my dad ever speak of it to me.

Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under? well, according to its patent, the paper should hang in the front.

CNET: toilet paper patent

What makes you feel grounded?  um, are we speaking of Chakras or just a feeling of being centered and that all is right in my world feeling?  A “I managed to survive anything and everything and am still ok” feeling?  Heck if I know.  I just sort of get through each day knowing that life is good….just because. if I am breathing, life is great. How in heck am I supposed to answer this one? dang it! Do you mean grounded like having your feet firmly on the ground grounded?  Well, they never are, so I guess I am not grounded, cause I am a klutz that trips over dust bunnies. 

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Kicking George out of the house and shoving him in the shed……….we managed to put almost all of his modeling stuff into the shed and I am rebuilding the front room into a nice guest/tv/computer/crafts room. I feel so good with “less”…less stuff in a room, more space…….I like to have multi-functional furniture and spaces. I can take my time with decorating/painting/building furniture and creating a space that fits multiple needs. What I really appreciate is the fact that George is so easy-going about it all.

So, now that the challenge for the week is done, I am off to start painting the front room a lovely camel color……..I actually can’t believe I chose camel…..I am usually off into bright oranges, corals, turquoise and greens…but this room will have camel walls, white furniture, and a turquoise accent wall. Maybe I am finally growing up.



6 thoughts on “Cee’s Share Your World, March 19, 2018

  1. No, your tastes are just changing a bit…that is all. 🙂

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    1. let’s hope it is that and not some huge brain spasm! lol


  2. Sneaking in the turquoise wall—I doubt it. Like you just the way you are

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  3. lol I like your answer to the what makes you feel grounded question! very good one ! xxx

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    1. I still don’t know if I am grounded! lol


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