I quit FaceBook this morning

Yes, I did. After ten plus years on the “social media platform” I had become disgusted enough to simply delete the account.

I was ‘hacked” a couple of times and had created “new” accounts three times.  Each time I did it because I had friends and family I could only connect with online.

I finally said ‘enough” late last night, made an announcement, received some comments and answered them…but nothing people said changed my mind.

Over the past two years I had people block me for my political views……I had family members on the opposite end of religious or political views block me….I have been cursed at, threatened with physical harm and death…..called disgusting epithets and been told I am “hell-bound for sure”.

The drama finally became too much for even me to deal with.

After hearing about the Cambridge Analytica theft of data I thought “that is absolutely the last straw”.

This morning, I made sure I had copies of all my photos……..I made sure I had emails of all my friends and family (the ones that still talk to me anyway) and I disconnected my account.

Upon leaving a pop-up appeared on my screen from Facebook…asking me to “reconsider” my exit…there was a “poll” to complete..I declined…and tried to ‘exit” the pop-up……….which returned………and returned……………and returned!

I finally had to shut down the blasted computer to make that danged pop-up disappear.

Once I restarted the computer and reconnected to the internet….guess what appeared?  yea…that damned pop-up.  So it was close out the internet…and into the brains of the puter I went.  (Gotta love that control panel)

I deleted the history since the beginning of time, knowing danged well it would take away every memorized password for every company or website I in which had a relationship, but it was worth the hour I have spent visiting every site so windows would once again have a clue about the places I visit.  I also (yes, I am INCREDIBLY INTELLIGENT, thank you for noticing) changed every single password on every single website.

I had almost regretted my decision to leave the platform until they started screwing with me this morning as I tried to leave…………NOW, I am just danged happy it is all over.

17 thoughts on “I quit FaceBook this morning

  1. I just formed a closed group that just my sisters and cousins and I can post and talk on. But I’m giving everyone warning that only my Public Blog pages will remain open. I can’t take all the stupidity that goes on FB.

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  2. I can’t imagine having so much trouble quitting your FB account. Getting all those awful comments like you did, is a good reason to stop.

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  3. Politics on facebook are ridiculous. People say the most hateful, illogical, uninformed/ignorant sh*t I’ve ever seen. Take even a positive video about something and people will flood it with repetitive nasty comments. I never look at comment sections. I’m all for opposing viewpoints but I’m not going to buy straight-up-ignorance.


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  4. Sorry to see you go from there but we will be connected in different ways, there is no reason to be harassed by anyone, no one deserve that!! I will miss you on that platform for sure!!

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    1. Ekhlas, I get your feeds onto google and here…all I need now is a plane ticket to California! lol

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      1. looooool that would be wonderful…

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  5. I hardly use Facebook. I never post there and only read my kids’ Facebook updates. But I’m think about jumping ship, too.

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  6. Suze, I’m ready to jump also. I have a grand total of 19 “friends” most of whom aren’t speaking to me because I’m a SNOWFLAKE. Next time a popup won’t go away, just go to Cortana if you have Windows 10 or control panel, type in ‘task manager’, it will appear on top left of your screen, click on each task that you want to shut down, then go to box that says “end task” and click. You’re rid of it. I learned that when a screen kept appearing saying that my computer had been infected and I should call an 800 number to fix it……for a fee of course.

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    1. I never knew that. Well shoot…would have been easier, wouldn’t it? lol

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      1. No worries–at least you have more of a peace of mind, I’m sure, that you don’t have remaining traces to mess with your stuff anymore.

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      2. very true…and I learned something! It’s all good.

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  7. In August 2012 when I opened my blog, Word Press made recommendations about joining Facebook and Twitter to promote blog posts. Since I wanted to learn Word Press, I put other social media on the back-burner. In August 2013 I began asking around of other bloggers about their participation on social media. Many had Facebook pages that they had removed. They said it was time consuming and actually distracting. Then there were conversations about harassment on Facebook, stalkers harassing followers and family of target victims.

    There are people on Facebook who give links and when I go there, I get a box wanting me to join. The box interferes with reading the page, but I prefer suffering through it than opening a Facebook account and joining the land of horror stories.

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  8. You did what you had to do, Suze. What you listed are all good reasons to leave Facebook.

    I’m on Facebook, but I hardly post there so I haven’t had too many run-ins with people who hold particular views. The most “heated” conversation I had on the platform was about the Electoral College. Otherwise, it’s very tame. I’m only connected to family, some former co-workers, and former classmates. Most of us has similar viewpoints or we just avoid politics altogether.

    To hear your story … You were cursed at and written off by relatives for your views? Wow. It goes to show how rough the political climate is in the United States right now.

    I also suspect that this Cambridge Analytica story might be the last straw for far more people. It’s another example of how weak Facebook’s privacy settings are and how lucrative information mining is. I wrote about this the other day: The Moral Quandary of Using Internet Services.

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    1. Yea, I read your post and found it fascinating.


  9. Woo hoo! I say go you! well done! Not an easy move! Fb is well, it can be so not good. I dont use mine often, but I have deleted an account before. I know how hard it can be. xo

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