Today is the same as yesterday..people talking, people shouting…nothing changes.  Is every day to be  identical  ?

Will there never be changes?

Children are still being shot in schools.

When I was in school our largest worry was what were we going to wear to a dance…or who would ask us to go?  The teacher’s biggest worry was whether we had finished our homework..or were we goofing off? Custodians worried about chewed gum being stuck to the underside of desks…

It never occurred to us…ANY of us……..that a person would show up with a weapon and attempt to kill us all.

My grandchildren are afraid to go to school.  The littlest one has nightmares about “big kids killing my sister”…….no five year old should have to worry about that. No 16 year old should have to worry about that. No parent should have to worry about that.

What is wrong with the people in this country?  When did owning a gun become more important than the lives of our children?

Oh, I have heard every argument against regulating guns……every stinking one of them.  Don’t tell me it is “our right”……the amendment was ADDED to the Constitution and it can damn well be taken OUT of the constitution!  Only police…the Military….the secret service or FBI should have access to weapons.

You have the “right”? fine…own a shotgun or long rifle for hunting…get registered and register the weapon. PROVE you need it for food or sport.

NO ONE should own anything capable of taking out multiple targets without reloading.

Those kids in Florida have the right idea…take it to each State.  Protest against the gun lobbies.  SUE the gun manufacturers.

In the month since the Margery Stoneman Douglas school shooting there have been 8 school shootings. That is 8 too many.

There was a shooting in Maryland this morning.  Police right now are surrounding a high school…no one yet knows how many people have been injured or possibly killed.

When will we have sacrificed enough children? When will the adults start saying “this has to end…NOW”?




6 thoughts on “Shine………

  1. It’s deplorable, isn’t it?

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  2. Suze, we know the reason…..big money, big egos, and big guns. Hearts need to change and laws need to be enacted starting with an assault weapon ban. I’m trusting the kids to get ‘er done. I am ashamed of the country they are inheriting from us, but I know they have what it takes to fix it.

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    1. we’re marching in Stillwater this weekend with our high school kids. I look like crap in orange, but that’s what we are all wearing to show some solidarity for the kids.

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      1. You will be stunning in orange. Stay safe.

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  3. I am 100% with you! No one should worry about this at all! not just at schools but in every public place, I don’t like to go to the movies at night anymore because of this issue!

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  4. 8 shootings? oh wow, we dont hear about all of them on our local news here…its so sad. thank god there arent guns in ireland? no one is allowed to own one…

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