The continuing saga of home “improvements”

To recap:

1. George was successfully shoved into the shed

2. The “sofa/bed” was successfully built and is comfortable

3. Shelves have been taken off the walls and paint was purchased for the front room

NOW……….two mattresses I ordered arrived last night and the UPS guy (what a sweetie) unpacked both of them for me.  They are both sitting on floors (one in the living room and one in the front room) “recovering”.  Basically that means the memory foam which was smooshed into a tiny box is being allowed to POOF up again into a mattress shape as opposed to a flat as a pancake in plastic shape.

This is supposed to somehow occur all by itself over a 48 hour period of time……so far (since last night at 8 PM when they were delivered and opened) they are approximately six inches in height………they are 10 inch mattresses.  I figure they will be “poofed” or “recovered” by tomorrow afternoon.

BUT, George doesn’t have another day off until Tuesday (yes, NEXT WEEK) so we can set up the frames and make up the beds.  A WEEK! Dang it! I hate living with a mattress on a floor…………two of them is driving me batty!

I can’t paint the front room until the beds are set up……and that is a week away.

I can’t finish building my “craft center’ until the room is painted…which isn’t until after NEXT WEEK.

I can’t piece my quilt together until the craft center is completed……..

I can’t make the scrub tops and blouses that are already cut out until after the craft center is built…….heck I can’t even use my loom until the craft center is done!

That’s because there is no room at the kitchen table as it is completely covered with dvd’s and books that need to be moved into the front room once it is painted!

Is anyone seeing a pattern here?

In the meantime……….I am going quietly mad. I can not abide clutter…..yet the entire house is now in transitional clutter.

At least, all of George’s modelling crap is outside. I take comfort from small blessings these days.


11 thoughts on “The continuing saga of home “improvements”

  1. Baby steps, but I get why all of this must be maddening… Couldn’t a good Samaritan come and help you with the bed frames? I’d offer a hand, but I doubt I’d make it in time :/

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    1. nope..all my good Samaritans are either “busy” or sick…one poor Samaritan has been sneezing coughing and feverish for three days……besides, just think how poofy those mattresses will be by Tuesday! lol

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      1. Awww… too bad, my best “get well soons” to your sick Samaritans :/ But you’ll have the fluffiest mattresses in town for sure 🙂 LOOL

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  2. Um . . quietly spend the next week hiding out blissfully in the shed . .
    🌼Could it be turned into a she-shed??!🌼

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    1. ya know…you are the second person today to recommend that i spend time out there…It is becoming a better and better idea! lol

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  3. Ommmmmmmm … Ommmmmmmm …
    Don’t know if it works for others, but the yoga breathing stuff [sometimes] helps me.

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    1. thanks sweetie…i just tried that…the cats are still looking at me strangely! lol

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      1. Cats are like that – all they have to do is flick the tail and give the human ‘that’ look …

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  4. Which mattress did you go for?


    1. it’s called the leesa mattress. a bit pricy, but with a rx from my doc, i got two at 50% off for my adjustable beds.

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  5. ug! sounds like you’ll be busy for a while! hope you get it all fixed up and finished soon!

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