Invisible critters

invisible   well darn. All I can think about is invisible animals……I know, that sounds crazy! But I was watching a National Geographic show late last night (no, I couldn’t sleep) and there were Cheetas on some Savannah somewhere and you couldn’t see them at all until they moved.

I kept thinking about them..even dreamed about the blasted things.

Then this morning, the word of the day is “invisible”.

I couldn’t think of anything to write about it so I started to look through my photos…..and blammo! There they were! MY VERY OWN invisible critters! WOOT!

6 thoughts on “Invisible critters

  1. Cool photos, I agree!
    Say, if I needed to pick your brain, would I be able to speak with you perhaps? Email me and I’ll give you my number-if you don’t mind and have the time.

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  2. Brilliant photos😊

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  3. Wonderful photos…they are pretty invisible. I’m glad I could enlarge them to see better.

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