heads up people! Kimmy’s Patio moved!

Kim Smyth from Kimmy’s Patio has moved..and is now discovering the absolute JOY of trying to find all her lost followers! So let us all help her find them again…share this post so your followers that lost her can find her again! I am! go on…….do it already!

Not only has she moved her addy, she has changed her blog name to Kimmy’s Keto Patio!

Same incredible advice on a better diet for health, lots of her lovely sense of humor, terrific advice on health and wellness…she shares recipes!

She has one for chocolate truffles that nearly had me in a sugar coma! George wanted some, but they were honestly too good to share…even with my beloved hubby!

See what I mean? huge and yummy!

So, go check her out again…follow along and share some love!


5 thoughts on “heads up people! Kimmy’s Patio moved!

  1. Kimmy's Keto Patio March 22, 2018 — 3:52 pm

    Thanks gain Suze, I don’t know what us do without you!

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    1. no worries…now if I can just find the dooflotchy for the flopovitz we’ll be all good! lol


    1. you two are going to adore each other!

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