education is seriously needed in western nations……..


I am always amazed at the way in which bloggers react to each other and the writings..sometimes becoming angry and blasting out a response that is usually more filled with arguments based on feelings rather than reality..or a thoughtful and well-thought-out post, reacting only to the original blog posts points.

Then there are the commentary from other bloggers, following the same two post responses, but on a larger scale. The angry reactions are More angry, the thoughtful responses more thoughtful.

Ends and beginnings wrote a post after receiving commentary.  Billy Mac wrote a post reacting to E&B’s post. I commented on both…then realized after seeing the daily post prompt for the day that both posts could be responded to quite easily for the word of the day….

The things we tend to rant or rail over are ideas or ideologies that are foreign to us. Things we think we understand, but actually have a very small understanding of what we are objecting to. Both bloggers posts were political, well-thought out and written……….both were on opposite sides of the political argument here in the US. Both had comments thoughtfully given that opposed their beliefs.

It was commentary from one post that had me thinking far more about how we perceive foreign ideas and react to them.  The statement “I hate Sharia Law” (this was just a piece of the original abbreviated)..had me knowing immediately that the one “hating” doesn’t really know what he is speaking of but is regurgitating half-truths.  Unfortunately, for me, the rest of his thoughtful post evaporated into the mists of frustration. (my frustration)

Anyone who has spent time in a Muslim majority country knows that “Shari’a” is not law.

Shari’a is a moral religious system, not a legal system.

Islamic countries with “Shari’a” know it is simply an interpretation of what the Prophet (PBUH) would have said was appropriate in certain circumstances of living. It is a way of living. Period.

What the speaker really “hates” is Islamic Family Law. IFL covers things like divorce, family conflicts, custody of children and the status of women. It is based on western law in that there is a court with judges that determine the outcome of conflicts.  It is also based on cultural customs.  Such as wearing a hijab or a burka. It is vastly different between countries. The IFL in Afghanistan is different from the IFL in Egypt. Because of tribal custom…not Islam.

It is just as wrong to blame all Muslims for the lack of women’s rights as it is to blame all Christians for the beliefs of the few sects that marry off their prepubescent girls to old men or believe in plural marriages.


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  1. I love you for saying this.
    I am muslim. And a pakistani muslim.
    And i live in UAE.
    I know 3 angles of the whole thing.
    I have had iranian friend.
    People mix religion and culture.
    I have been asked tons of stupid questions.
    I never hid these 3 facts about myself as i dont want people to think this is the reason to stay anonymous.
    Thankfully i never received hatred because of this.

    But seriously why do people even have to talk about it. Why cant we think on humanity level. Why dig out differences?
    People who know nothing are first to judge.

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    1. you are so right. I am not Muslim..nor Christian..nor anything else. I love God. I try to be as close to the person He/She would want me to be, and that means instead of allowing ignorance to continue I try to educate..I try to love all regardless of their beliefs. The time I spent in the Middle East changed me profoundly, and think that if people educate themselves they would stop fearing that which is different. And to answer your question as to why? Because they are fearful of anything that may impact their own belief systems…so they believe half-truths and outright lies. You are so lucky. I wear a head is WINDY here, and besides I look good in one. I have been spit on, cursed at, threatened…all by fearful people who do not understand and equate a head scarf with a hijab and their warped ideas of what Islam is.

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      1. Oh God. Unbelievable. Thank God my hijabi relative who live in non muslim countries never faced anything like that. Maybe they did and didn’t tell. This is horrible.
        You are right people who are unsure of themselves and thier believe shout and fight to strenght which is so stupid.
        There are good and bad people in every religion culture country. This is stupid to judge people like that.
        I can write a never ending book on this subject. Its so frustrating.

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  2. Suze, I appreciate that you took offense to the comment that I made on my own post. We exchanged thoughts on this last night and thought we reached an understanding. Now you have portrayed me as ignorant and uneducated. My post was about getting along, rising above the hate and name calling and labels. My comment about Islam, which you admittedly fixedated on was made in the defense of women’s rights and equality.
    Admittedly, I haven’t spent time in a Muslim country but I am very well versed in what goes on here and there have been numerous incidents in the news about practices by followers of Islam that subjugate women in ways that go against Western culture. It is unfortunate that all of my intended good will in the post is lost on that one line.

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    1. No, I don’t think I did. I placed the blame entirely on myself. I said I was frustrated, not that you were. Frankly, your comment did show ignornace of Shari’a….ignornace isn’t a bad thing it simply means one doesn’t understand. And education is the means of finding a complete understanding. Nothing here was said in anger, and if you thought I was angry and lashing out at you then you misunderstood or I failed to write it correctly. I apologize that you felt attacked as that was not my intent. Every religion that I have studied and/or been exposed to subjugates women or children or the mentally or physically ill in some manner. It is not restricted to Islam. if you had used Christianity in your post as an example I would have brought up the fact that it isn’t the only one that does so. As I have said before I am an equal opportunity basher of every religion and political stance. We are, all of us, uneducated about certain subjects and there is no shame..or should be no shame in the fact. I saw your post as balanced with one exception. Others saw my post as balanced with one exception..same with ends and beginnings post. We all of us fixate on that which is a hot button from our individual experiences. It may be for you, the hot button was uneducated….for me it is women’s rights…and education. Again, I apologize for hurting you as that was not my intent.


      1. You didn’t hurt me, I’m not delicate. And I get that ignorance means ill-informed informed not stupid. My concern is that I was trying to speak from a good place and I don’t want one unfortunate example to define who I am. I respect you, although I know we are very different in many ways, because of our differences.
        Nor do I feel attacked. I just don’t want to be misunderstood.

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      2. if someone is defining you from one statement, one post or even one blog, then they are at fault…not you. Nor me, as I don’t do that. Peace.


      3. You’re pretty awesome Suzero here’s to the free exchange of ideas in the future

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  3. “I love God. I try to be as close to the person He/She would want me to be, and that means instead of allowing ignorance to continue I try to educate” Well said, Suze.

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  4. Great post, Suze, and thought-provoking.
    Thanks for the links, too – that was/is an interesting discussion.

    Regarding Billy Mac’s misinterpretation of the Shari’a issue … I have to say I understand where he’s coming from. The clarification you provided was awesome, and needful I think, because when people use words that have been reduced to slogans and catchphrases without knowing what they actually mean, they weaken their own argument (“You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means” – Inigo Montoya).

    The argument being, that religious doctrine in politics is a bad, bad idea. And that there are countries where the consequences are dire indeed. Yes, ours included, though I’ll admit that personally I’m more likely to bridle at Islamic countries basing laws upon their book, than our own obsession with “Christian Values” (not that this doesn’t give me migraines, too). Somewhat to self-reflect about, mayhap?

    I suppose it’s a personal experience thing. I didn’t have the same reaction to people in Morocco than I did in Afghanistan. Of course, in Morocco I was a tourist, and so people’s approach to me was different, too …

    For now at least, we ‘only’ have people advocating for ‘”gay conversion therapy” (such a lovely euphemism), we don’t actually have state sanctioned killings. So if Billy Mac meant to point out that we should make a bigger fuss about the latter than we actually do … I agree. We also should fuss about how Russia treats its LGBT population, or India.

    Too bad we voted “No” on that UN resolution condemning the use of the death penalty as punishment for consensual gay relations.
    There goes our moral high ground.

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    1. wonderful response and gives me so much to research and think about. thank you!

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  5. wow suze i learned a lot from you here! I am tending to agree, about bloggers acting in certain ways, anger filled comments, hate filled etc, but here, i learned a lot about law of islamic countries. xx

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