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I’ve mentioned a few things lately that have gotten lost in the maelstrom of trumpantics that takes up most of the media space and sucks the energy out of us.  Here is yet another of those buried-on-page-23 stories that we need to be aware of.

They called themselves ‘The Crusaders’.  Their real names are Curtis Allen, Gavin Wright and Patrick Eugene Stein.These three men are among the most despicable dregs of society, for they are haters of Muslims and plotted, in 2016, to murder hundreds of Muslims in Garden City, Kansas, for no other reason than that they were Muslims.  Fortunately, their plot was discovered and the men were arrested before they were able to carry out their plan.  Their trial began this week.

The plot began sometime in 2016 and was planned to take place after the election on November 8th, because all three were ardent…

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