Our children’s voices…

…can be heard all over the world today.

The kids are Marching for their Lives against gun violence.  They want rational gun reform and they are demanding it now.

In Washington, DC, Boston, Mass., San Francisco, Ca and everywhere in between our children are marching.

Children are marching in Paris, France…in Australia and New Zealand…in England, Ireland , Scotland and Wales……in Germany, the Philippines, South Korea and Israel……throughout the world children are marching.

They are begging us to make a difference. Will you listen?  More importantly, will YOU VOTE? WILL YOU ACT?

Oklahoma kids


10 thoughts on “Our children’s voices…

  1. My issue with the terms “common sense” or “rational” when applied to laws is that they’re so vague. Common sense to one could be another’s utter lunacy.

    I doubt I would agree with all the motives of every marcher, but I’ll support 100% their right to speak and be heard.

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    1. “rational” ban bump stocks, ban ar-15’s , nationwide background checks with a reasonable delay before purchase. Increase age to purchase a weapon to 21 nationwide. Ban mags that hold more than 5 rounds. they all sound reasonable and rational to me.

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      1. Some of these I could support and some I would oppose. My mixed bag approach often angers both left and right.

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  2. I’ll be voting. Always do. And I sure as hell hope EVERYONE who can does. And I hope there are sweeping losses in the GOP. I hope mid-term elections cripple this piss poor “leadership”. The GOP has had control of Congress far too long with ZERO results….other than sucking up to their corporate donors and lining their own pockets. Neither of which help anyone in this country…other than corporations and bought politicians, that is. They’re supposed to be public servants, not royalty.

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  3. This is a beautiful thing!

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  4. Suze, I was glued to MSNBC all day coverage. If I die tonight, I can go peacefully knowing my beloved country will be in in the hands of these amazing young ADULTS. But, I’m not going anywhere until I see trump behind a high barbed-wire fence in a bright orange jumpsuit.

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  5. These kids, and others who care enough to do something about it, will ultimately save America. Such a stirring sight!

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  6. I am still in Washington D.C. I wanted to be there. The students spoke…it is time for change.

    I also visited twice the Newseum…a museum about news and news reporting…
    Facts…observation and unbiased solid reporting…
    It was wonderful to see the enormous number of families and students in the museum. We need those people, all of them!

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    1. Thank you E for going and being a part of the change we so desperately need!

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