I think I am nesting..

at least that is a nice way of looking at the unending home “improvements” I am making.

Since we finally made a nice space for George to play (the infamous SHED) and all of the detritus from his modeling hobby has been taken from the house it is looking vastly different.

We have space again! I can walk through the entire house without bumping into something! No more weaving around this table or that chair!

We have a 1000 square foot cottage.  Now, you’d think 1000 square feet would be large enough for two people…and it is actually, so long as one of the someone’s doesn’t have a hobby that takes 1000 square feet to maintain.

When we first moved in, I thought “wow, a guest room”………..and it quickly descended into a model room………well, I am pleased to say we now have a guest room! WOOT!

Of course, any guest we have will have to share the room as it also holds our single television set.  And my sewing center………and my desk.  But we DO have a place for someone to sleep comfortably!

I started painting the room a lovely caramel color…..and have been moving furniture from here to there working my way around the room. Two more walls to go and it will be done.

Then I can finish the curtains and hang them.

Then I can recover the settee in the living room.

One of the “improvements” I have made is the purchase of two adjustable beds…think hospital beds that the back raises as does the foot of the bed.

Let’s face it, George and I are officially old farts and we have to think about the future possibility of complete immobility. Plus, it’s just plain easier to get some sleep with elbows in my ears.

So, yesterday Angie and her hubby, Garry came over and we moved out the old queen bed and took it to Angie’s house.  Then we set up the singles in the bedroom, put the mattresses on and prayed it would all work out.

By the time I finally collapsed last night into bed my first thought was “this mattress feels pretty good”……….and I was out. I can’t remember the last time I actually slept all night, but last night I seriously remember NOTHING until I woke up this morning. So, Angie…you’d better not want to bring back my old bed.  Cause I am never giving up this new one…even if I don’t yet need it.

5 thoughts on “I think I am nesting..

  1. I like “nesting”. I also like “cocooning” Makes me think of an ugly pupa ready to pop out as a beautiful butterfly. I’m still waiting to pop out.

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    1. i popped out a while ago…a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG while ago! lol

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      1. So now you’re an old worn out butterfly ?

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      2. yep…perfect description. lol


  2. oh, okay if you insist!!!!

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