recharging a soul

Sometimes we need to just stop thinking…about all those things we have no control over, or things that make us angry, sad, or depressed.

What i do when life becomes just too annoying, too sad or too maddening…… go to the dog park with the kids. Yes, I call my dogs my kids.  yes, I have actual human kids, but they are 40 and 41 years old so it is difficult to spend time with them now. They both are in cities on opposite sides of the country and I never get to see them.

So, my substitute kids are the dogs in my life.

Here’s what we did the other day instead of thinking about guns, killing of children or politics.

6 thoughts on “recharging a soul

  1. OMG these kids are just too fun!!!

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  2. My cat’s name is Jake, too. Great name for a furry friend.


  3. What kind of dog is Jake? You almost have enough to become Santa and ride the sleigh.

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    1. Jake is a poodle…just a plain old poodle. of course we get his hair cut as something other than a poodle cause a “poodle cut” looks so stupid……lol

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      1. Stupid indeed.
        I thought he was a mix of sorts. Like a poodle and a terrier or something.

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      2. he actually has his akc papers……..

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