a good day to just sleep

There are days when I simply do not want to crawl out of bed.  Today is one of them.

The sky is overcast, the temps have reset themselves to “damn winter”; it’s gloomy and grey, cold and wet. What rational person gets out of bed on a day like today?

I don’t want to paint..thank goodness as it really is too damp and cold to paint….I don’t want to sew……again, thank goodness I have all the detritus from the left side of the room sitting on top of my sewing table……..I don’t even want to refinish furniture…same reasoning for the painting. too cold, too damp, too gray.

This isn’t a depressive state…it is a “I’m cold, hungry and tired” state.

Someday I will manage to pace myself..I’ll stop using a week’s energy trying to complete a project in one day that takes “normal” people a week to finish.

That day probably wont come this year…or even next………..but is a far far off  day…….

Yep, I am going back to bed and just sleep through this gloomy sort of day.

9 thoughts on “a good day to just sleep

  1. Rest well… *big hugs*

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  2. Spring is on its way! So rest up while you can.

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  3. You sure have earned a break, Suze!

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  4. Good for you!
    “What rational person gets out of bed on a day like today?” You’re onto something. I don’t trust people that DO get out of bed on such a day.
    And while it’s a good idea to “pace” yourself, sometimes you’re just “in the zone” and you have to do things. You’re inspired. Use it. Don’t pace yourself, because then you will discover that that will to continue a project is gone by day 2.5.

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  5. We all have those kind of days. Some days I pretend to work but in actual be sleeping or thinking of sleep. 🙂

    I like this new theme! 🙂

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    1. thank you Prakash! It is awfully easy to use so it is perfect for me!

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      1. Ha ha. Easy and ease. Simple and fun.


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