warning: doing ONE thing leads to a bazillion!

Finally! Finally all furniture is either created, painted or moved to the places where it will do the most good.

Finally, the entire room is painted, George’s models (minus 3) are out in his shed.

Finally, I have spaces for sewing, crafts, the computer and my office….and a sofa bed which while odd to look at is exceptionally comfortable!

The room has undergone a bunch of changes that all began when I said “I’d really like to have a space to sew”.

I didn’t realize by changing this ONE room, four other rooms would also have to change.

It’s okay though……….all I have left to do is actually put away a few tools, put my materials into the craft “table” and start sewing!

Just to recap, here is “before”:


and……….here is after!

13 thoughts on “warning: doing ONE thing leads to a bazillion!

  1. Wow! That is awesome, Suze! Great job. It inspires me to re-tackle some of my jobs around the house.

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    1. thanks Biff. I did it all for under 50 bucks too, which is actually the very best part of the whole thing!

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      1. Wow! That is even MORE amazing!

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  2. My father always says when you try to do one thing you have to do another thing just to get to the original task! Want to vacuum? First you have to pick up all the stuff on the floor. Then you just can’t leave that stuff in pile you have to put it all away. Haha.


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    1. well I sure proved your dad right! lol

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  3. Wow! What a transformation! Great work and an inspiration to me too. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I really like the sofa in the closet idea. Quite a cool nook.

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    1. i’ve got some selves inside up the wall to hold books, or knick knacks…..opposite the lamp. i love it!

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      1. SHELVES…………sheesh!


  5. Wow!!!! You must be sooo thrilled…I love it all but particularly the nook with the sofa/bed…I’ve wanted such a nook for soooo long. Thanks for sharing, wonderful Suze 🙂

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    1. ah truly! I LOVE my new reconfigured/repurposed room! I can just roll in my little office chair from sewing machine to desk to crafts table to sofa without ever having to stand up! WOOT!

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      1. You’ve created/are living the dream…congrats on all your hard work and perseverance!!! 🙂

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