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toxic  Ya know what is really toxic?  It for sure isn’t contaminated water from nuclear plants…nor is it oil seeping into the watershed.  Nope, the thing that is absolutely without any doubt the MOST toxic thing in America today is the complete and utter lack of intelligent thought on the part of Fox News People and their followers!

I include my own brothers in this toxic category.  My eldest brother, the one with the photographic memory and an IQ so high it is literally off the charts, is a completely toxic moron when it comes to politics and conspiracy theories.

My younger brother, who normally is a sweet-tempered loving man, is totally enthralled with the religious far right and Trump.

Both brothers watch FOX as if it is the ONLY TRUE NEWS………yea, they are that brainwashed.

Fox is nothing but propaganda…….Every now and then you may see a local story that is actually news, but it is becoming more and more rare.

I am so tired of their focus on Hillary Clinton (she LOST you freaks! Get OVER it!) and all the “horrible things” they seem to think she has done.  Everything they accuse her of doing has been debunked time after time, yet they have to keep spouting off their trash.

Their demonization of anyone in the Democratic Party is so old…….their adoration of Trump is pathetic.

Their focus on guns, the “rights of whites”, religion in politics, the criminalization of Mexicans and blacks… is all designed to promote hatred………..and it is working! I now hate Fox News.



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  1. Well, I see we are on our soap box this morning!! giggles, I adore you!!!!

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  2. You are absolutely right. I feel the same way about the Murdoch owned right wing media in the uk who brought us the xenophobic stupidity that is Brexit.

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  3. You are just NOW hating FOXNews? What took ya’ so long? 😏

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    1. it’s been an ongoing hatred for years…no, that’s wrong. for decades! I was forced to listen to the danged “news” this morning when spending some time with a shut in……..

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      1. I can’t stomach it. Just makes me mad.

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  4. Suze, I’m booking a boat to Greece and then a donkey trail to the cliff-side monastery. You and George want to go? We could share a cave.

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    1. sure. I just finished a quilt…should provide enough padding for the cave floor!

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  5. It must be a bigger nightmare to live int Trumos America than in Brexit Britain. The theme is the same though: we are better than the others and let’s show them with all we have. Makes me speechless….

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  6. Woopsie autocorrect Trumps of course 😁

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    1. i think i liked the autocorrect better! lol


      1. Me too but I want to become an English teacher so I have to start correcting me, myself and my autocorrect 😁

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