A-Z Challenge, April 2, 2018

Uh oh………….Suze is doing the A-Z Challenge again!  I didn’t have a theme for it when I started but may have fallen into one as I started writing….let us hope not or the entire month will be a painfully disturbing high school Latin class without a dictionary!

For info on what it is SUPPOSED to be, check it out here.   join in why don’t ya? In the meantime….read this.

B is for Balaenaceus!

Yes, yes, I pulled out yet another Latin word….sigh..I’m SORRY! They just seem to be falling out of my head and they have to go somewhere or I will possibly lose them forever!  At least this one is sort of a cool word…..you’;d never know it meant “whalebone’ would ya?  And not just ANY old whalebone, but a carved whalebone that is inserted into the underclothing of the female persuasion to make them look wasp-waisted! Yea, it goes into a corset. Where did YOU think it was going????

Miss Wright must have known that someday I would need to know what a balaenaceus was and how to use one….especially since I actually make corsets for the SCA groups in my area….and have sold tons of swanky corsets at different Renaissance fairs….

Corsets are wonderful…until you actually have to wear one…they tend to suck in your waist until breathing becomes optional and your boobs are shoved up your nose…but women tend to look really good in them anyway. Ah, the things we do for love…or a fiver!


3 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge, April 2, 2018

  1. what a cool word! love it! the things you learn…or I learn lol…

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  2. I love this latin word idea. Latin words have always stirred my muse, so I’m finding this theme super exciting!

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    1. thanks you! It just sort of happened……lol

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